Do You Know What Are the Most Popular Proper Names in Costa Rica?

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    The name Isabella means “Promise of God” or “Who loves God”, and for 6 years it has been the favorite of many mothers to put it on their daughters, according to the Civil Registry. And it is that this name began her reign since 2017, where she led in the # 1 position, as in the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and until June of this 2022 she was also winning, with the following numbers:

    2017 (509 times); 2018 (465 times); 2019 (401 times); 2020 (349 times); June 2022 (until this month, 142 times)

    Regarding the year 2021, Isabella was surpassed by Luciana with 278 against 259 times. However, this year Luciana is close to Isabella, since by June of this year she had already used it 114 times.

    As for the most popular name for men in our country, Santiago, Mateo and Samuel have been fighting for the #1 position for 6 years. Since in 2017 he led Santiago with 450 times; followed by Mateo with 353, and then Sebastián with 282.

    In 2018, Santiago remained in first place with 396 occasions; Mateo followed with 359, and then Samuel with 353. For 2019, Mateo dethroned Santiago with 344 to 331, and Samuel remained in third place with 283.

    Regarding 2020, Mateo was used 316 times; Samuel 314; James 309; in 2021, 260 Mateos were registered; 253 times Samuel and 248 James. Meanwhile, so far in 2022, until the end of June, the Civil Registry had registered 130 children named Samuel, 117 with the name Santiago and 106 Mateos.

    So now you know what the most popular names are, just in case you want to take them into account or if you want to change the general trend a little bit.

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