Do You Know About Happydelic Art Made By An Internationally Recognized Costa Rican?

    The originality and color composition are part of the art style of Ferlander Arguedas, who has captivated many national and international eyes...

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    It has been scientifically proven that art is beneficial for human beings. When done preferably from an early age, it helps to develop sensitivity and a very solid ethic in their adult life.

    How wonderful it is to have in Costa Rica, so many artists who can express the best of their essence, taking their talent to other continents and leaving the name of the country high.

    Experts have stated on several occasions that art is the reflection of human culture and its language is universal and its validity is timeless, so they recommend that people preserve, transmit and promote it.

    Art has been appreciated since the first inhabitants of the planet as they explored new territories, wanting to communicate something.

    Everything described above makes us refer to the Costa Rican artist Ferlander Arguedas.

    An innate artist

    At approximately 9 years old, Ferlander Arguedas discovered his passion for art. Even though he experienced difficulties that life imposed on him, among them the loss of his mother when he was just a child, facing the situations of life, he developed his determination for art that led him at the age of 13 to make his first exhibition in Switzerland with his very dear friend Johannes Barz and the Consul of the Prince of Monaco.

    Sometime later, he returned to his country Costa Rica, convinced of being a full-time artist at an early age.

    In a country as tourist as Costa Rica, his first works were paintings on feathers, which were sold in Souvenirs or he sold them directly to tourists, one of the great innate abilities he has is that he speaks several languages: Spanish, English, German and Italian and is currently learning others.

    Beyond developing in his country, to making himself known through art, countless people from other countries saw his great ability and hired him to make murals in their mansions: in Saint Tropez for the Prince of Lignac, in Denmark for the director of Se Og Er, in the restoration of a 500-year-old house in Ticino, Switzerland); he also made exhibitions with the Embassy of Costa Rica in Ottawa, in different art fairs in the Central American country, in the Rossenhoff Market in Switzerland and others.

    He opened a successful Art Gallery in the Barceló Tambor Hotel, Costa Rica, and in Barceló Bávaro, Dominican Republic; as the destination always takes him back to his roots, he participated directly as art director of the EPIC foundation in Jaco, Costa Rica, and made a huge portfolio of clients in Los Sueños Resort & Marina and surroundings where he is widely known and quoted for his work.

    Since 2017, he has had an incredible Art Gallery in the Selvatura Park in Monteverde (Costa Rica), where tourists besides visiting the authentic beauty offered by the magical place in the cloud forest, can meet closely with the talented Ferlander and delight with his work and the variety of techniques he offers.

    Details of his childhood and lessons for life

    Throughout his life, Ferlander has been inspired by Costa Rica, “all its nature and that it is still a relatively clean country,” he said.

    About his mother’s teachings, he remembers and always carries with him, to be a good brother and to give the best of himself.

    He only reached the third year of high school, he did not study because he was always traveling outside the country to do art exhibitions. As such, he has not studied art, of course, he is innate in his area, he lets everything flow from his heart.

    He has developed his style of art, which is already registered, called Happydelic.


    Ferlander likes Cantiflas, the artist whose work has been around for a long time but does not lose its relevance. He keeps his fans.

    Where is Ferlander going?

    Arguedas considers, that there are many things to achieve in his career, “but everything flows as it should and everything falls into place at the perfect time,” he said.

    Currently, he is working on several different projects with which, he assures that he is going to change his world, and with them, he will solve things and from his perspective, he will help whoever needs it.

    “I am working on a very different way of building living spaces, which is in the process of patenting,” he said.

    His characteristic talent is reflected in the originality, the vibration of the whole in his work, the abstract, the surrealism, the figurative, the hyperrealism, and his very particular mixture of colors and textures that make Ferlander a singular artist, and that has led him to exhibit in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

    National and international exhibitions, publications in reports, and recognitions. As an artist with an amazing trajectory, he has had exhibitions, of course in Costa Rica and other latitudes.

    Among his exhibitions within the Central American country, we want to highlight in places and organizations:

    One in the Regional Fair of Arts, in Guápiles, Limón; in the Popular Production Fair of San José; in FERCORI 98 (San José); in Barceló Tambor Beach Hotel, in Puntarenas; El Santuario Hotel, Playa Azul, Guanacaste; Barceló Langosta Beach Hotel, Langosta, of Guanacaste; Furca Restaurant (2012); Mediterráneo Diseños Project; Tamarindo Diriá Hotel, Tamarindo, Guanacaste and others that do not cease to be important.

    Also in TCRN, we are pleased to mention some of his exhibitions in other countries:

    Prince de Lignac Palace, Saint Tropez, of France; he has had exhibitions 6 times in Zürich, Switzerland; Cingueterre, Vernazza, Italy; Se øghør, Copenhagen, Denmark; in Cali, Colombia; Barceló Bávaro Resorts, Bávaro, Dominican Republic; in Ottawa, Canada there have been 2 (the one in Saint Laurent Mall and the one in Carlington Mall, both in Ontario); one in Sailfish Marina, Florida and, finally, in MytrahEnergy, Hyderabad, India (2013).

    His artistic works have been published in international reports:

    – “Ferlander Arguedas artist and environmentalist from Costa Rica”, Mapale Magazine, Ottawa, Canada.

    – “Hispanic painter donates Artwork to Villa de Tequesta”, La Guía Gratuita, December 7, 2011.

    – “Costa Rican artist lending his talent,” Palm Beach Post, November 2011.

    – “VomSchuhputzer zum Kunstmaler,” AargauerZeitung, March 18, 1997.

    – CYOH, Channel 1, Ottawa, Canada.

    … And in national reports:

    – “Foundation Encourages Kids to Save Marine Life,” The Tico Times, November 29, 2006.

    – “Niños Preservaran Riquezas Marinas”, Diario Extra, December 6, 2006.

    – “El Muchacho de la Plaza de la Cultura”, VIVA Revista Diaria de La Nación, March 17, 1996.

    – Pinto su vida de Colores”, La Teja Newspaper, May 2012.

    Recognition is never lacking for an artist like Ferlander Arguedas, so we proudly mention them: AFIP ONG, New York; PROCLAMATION of the People of Tequesta, Florida, and EPIC Foundation.

    He has made donations, specifically a painting for the Prince of Liechtenstein; a mural for the Flamenco Garcia School, Costa Rica; for the Municipality of Tequesta, Tequesta, Florida, and CCSS Siquirres.

    After having talked exclusively with the Costa Rican artist, he wanted to say a message for the followers of the country of the world, “do not waste time trying to imitate anyone or anything, there are many doing the same so I suggest -be original- and flow from the heart, there begins the real magic and be thankful for everything”.

    There is no doubt that Ferlander Arguedas has always been an artist in constant movement, his work has been quoted by high-quality hotels, the best designers, large construction companies, and renowned architects in the country, leaving his name and art in exclusive projects throughout Costa Rica and countries around the world Bravo!

    You can visit his website to appreciate more of his art: and start following his Instagram account: @ferlander111.

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