Disagreements in Costa Rica Regarding Issues Related to Cannabis Production and Consumption

    Businessmen, oficial representatives and private organizations have expressed their points of view...

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    The President of Costa Rica presented a legislative initiative in which the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) would promote the country as a destination for responsable consumption of marihuana and derivative products of cannabis. Therefore, the ICT should coordinate information campaigns that can reach other countries, precisely about Costa Rica as a tourist site with this focus.

    What is the plan to be carried out

    The proposal promoted by the president of Costa Rica, contains that minors will not be able to consume or buy the plant; the Ministry of Health will grant the operating permits to elaborate, collect, distribute, industrialize and sell psychoactive cannabis; also that the creation of specialized sites is authorized, where customers can consume products derived from the plant; people will be allowed 30 grams of marijuana for personal consumption and the self-cultivation of six plants per house; the cost of the licenses will be defined via study.

    Different views

    Some legislators have warned of a negative impact for the country, also the South Caribbean Chamber of Tourism and Commerce representative assures that its approval would be harmful to the image of Costa Rica.

    They state that the strategy must be very well organized and evaluated with experts in the field so that the promotion first does not overshadow the decades of work as a family destination.

    According to them, that the promotion of the recreational use of cannabis is focused on the appropriate market with a message of controlled use and regulated by the authorities.

    Being strictly monitored and regulated by the Ministry of Health; with the places that sell recreational cannabis must have a designated área where people can consume it privately and quietly without disturbing others.


    Another opinión comes from experts of the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA) expressing their concern that people may classify the concept of “creative consumption” of marijuana in Costa Rica as “positive.” Fearing that legalizing marijuana does not mean that illegal markets are going to stop or be reduced.

    Members of the College of Physicians reported that there may be an increase in traffic accidents due to marijuana use. According to the president of the College of Physicians, Mauricio Guardia, the consumption of marijuana can become as intoxicating as a drunkenness.

    Important data

    The Environment Commission of Congress will be in charge of defining the future of the bill. Apparently, the few resources that the ICT has and the regulations are key points to do this.

    The Chamber of Tourism says that everything related to the matter will be fixed so everyone can reach an agreement, without the country paying the consequences. So the country countinues having an excellent international position as a nature, adventure, wellness and leisure tourist destination.

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