Costa Ricans “Lose Fear”: Purchase of Electric Vehicles Increases in the Country

    During 2022, the registration of electric vehicles increased by more than 40%, compared to 2021

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    Costa Rican automotive authorities confirm that the country is experiencing a rise in the sale of electric automobiles, due to an increase in supply and models.  In addition, people lost that ‘fear’ of acquiring them, finding security, better infrastructure and options.

     According to data from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, during 2022 more than 1,800 electric vehicles were registered with the Property Registry, which meant an increase of more than 40% compared to 2021.

    Just another normal vehicle

     “The commitment that is being felt by consumers and the offer of electric vehicles is very important to achieve the objectives and goals that Costa Rica has for decarbonization.  The consumer now sees the electric vehicle as just another normal vehicle, they are no longer afraid of it and see options for its use,” said Alberto Antillón, energy director of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

     During 2022, Costa Rica reached 99% clean energy production, according to the National Energy Control Center (CENCE).  The country promotes decarbonization and the development of clean energy for mobility, it is an important part of that objective.

     “I think the most important thing to highlight is that we are in an excellent year for the automotive market, we are going to close the year with more than 55 thousand units, which shows a great opportunity for the electric mobility sector,” said Carlos Aguilar, Executive Director of the Association of Vehicle and Machinery Importers (AIVEMA).

    Promoting the Sustainable Future

     The information emerged after the discussion “Electromobility: Promoting the Sustainable Future”, which included the participation of different figures from the automotive and environmental sector such as Alberto Antillón, Energy Director of MINAE;  Carlos Aguilar, Executive Director of AIVEMA;  Daniel Castillo, President of ELCO and Alberto Phillips, Regional Product Manager at AutoStar.

     Electric mobility is already a reality in the country, and it is where these vehicle companies seek to head as a mobility route.  This creates a unique opportunity to go hand in hand with the brand’s future plan, where it gradually seeks to have 100% electrification of their product portfolio.

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