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    Total Energy Waste Solutions Announces New Solid Waste Energy Park

    Costa Rica is committed to achieving total environmental sustainability by 2021. True to this goal, about 95% of the country's energy needs are covered...

    New Geothermal Plant Will Be Built in Costa Rica

    The Costa Rican government signed a loan contract for 240 million dollars with Japan for the construction of the new geothermal plant Borinquen I. Borinquen I...
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    Homes and Enterprises Store Renewable Energy in Grids

    In the last 18 months, Costa Ricans have been benefitted by a pricing model for net metering that enables them to generate and store...

    Country Leader for the use of Clean Energy

    “Costa Rica is a role model for all of us” – that’s how the World Economic Forum defined Costa Rica for the use of...
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    Costa Rica Exceeds 99% of Renewable Generation

    Geothermal generation shows sustained growth, following the temporary exit of operation Miravalles III by Hurricane Otto.  According to data from the National Energy Control...
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