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    World Economic Forum Commends Costa Rica

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    “Costa Rica is a role model for all of us” – that’s how the World Economic Forum defined Costa Rica for the use of sustainable energy.

    The organization also highlighted Costa Rica’s last year accomplishment, when the country used wind, geothermal solar and hydroelectric energy for 250 straight days. Such project was promoted by the Costa Rica Institute of Electricity.

    “Those numbers are amazing, not to mention that Central American country has been doing the same for two straight years. They are getting 98% of the energy from sustainable sources” – says the report.

    Besides that, they also mentioned that Costa Rica broke its own records when no fossil fuels were used for 76 days to produce electric energy.

    Next challenges

    The World Economic Forum also pointed out the new challenges and things that must be done to generate fossil fuel – free energy. One of the concerns is the dry season which is normally a problem for the countries dependent on sustainable sources.

    “Sometimes, hydrocarbons are needed, especially in a drought. Costa Rica had to use fossil fuels in 2014 during a terrible long dry season” – says the report.

    They also highlighted that 70% of the carbon emissions in Costa Rica come from a large amount of vehicles and the burning of oil.

    Companies such as TEWS Costa Rica; first ever renewable energy developer company, who specifies in renewable energy, real estate development, and mergers with solid waste companies are leading the way in sustainable power generation.  Daniel Yepez, a leader in the environmental and renewable energy sector for Costa Rica stated; “Utilizing the municipal solid waste to convert into energy would solve various environmental problems Costa Rica now faces.”

    The plan to depend 100% on clean energy by 2021 is still in the works.

    Read more about Costa Rica’s natural energy sources.

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