Sun & Volcanoes; Costa Rica’s Natural Energy Sources

Expanding Clean Energy

In the last two years, Costa Rica has achieved over ninety percent of electricity production from renewable sources and now wants to diversify.

Costa Rica wants to diversify the energy matrix with an expansion of sources from geothermal energy – given the significant number of volcanoes in the country – and solar.

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This was said by the country’s president, Luis Guillermo Solís, during a restricted meeting with media in the Casa de América in Madrid, where he alluded to Costa Rica’s interest in renewable energies, which have been developing for 60 years.

In the last two years, Costa Rica has achieved more than ninety percent of electricity production from renewable sources and now wants to diversify, because the effects of climate change and drought are affecting the flow of rivers and water reserves.

That is why it is advancing with its own technology in the possibility that geothermal energy is a source of energy, with the prospect that by 2030 it will contribute between 17 and 20 percent to the total energy supply.

As for solar power, its generation capacity is lower – now it is two percent – but the Government wants to increase it and for this he believes that the Spanish experience in the sector is important and can help, according to Solís.

As for water, a sector of great interest to the country, the president said that Spanish technology has made the biggest contribution of the last twenty-five years with the construction of a large treatment plant that supplies the metropolitan region of San Jose, With a Japanese investment of 400 million dollars.

“In Costa Rica good water is produced, but we have a deficit in treatment and Spain can make an important contribution,” including the construction of an aqueduct, summed up the president.”

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