Costa Rican Jiu Jitsu Athlete Luis Alonso Chacón Crowned United States National Champion

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    The Costa Rican jiu-jitsu athlete, Luis Alonso Chacón Ghisellini, obtained an outstanding first place in the National Championship Without Kimono of the United States (organized by the International Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), which took place last weekend in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    Chacón, who is a brown belt and competes in the master category due to his age (37 years), was awarded the highest decoration among the best middleweights in the United States. During his time at the master’s blue belt, Luis Alonso had also been crowned Pan-American champion without a kimono twice (2019 and 2020 editions).

    After this Sunday’s event, the Costa Rican athlete wrote on social networks:

    “Find someone who supports your vision and wants to see you win. Losers are full of excuses, while winners just don’t have time for them; they just make things happen while others try to figure it out”

    In addition to said statement, the athlete thanked all his colleagues from Renzo Gracie Costa Rica and added:

    “I also want to thank them for believing, for doing all this hard work, for not having days off, for never giving up, trying to give more than receive, I want to thank them for trying to do more good than harm, I want to thank them for being for me at all times”.

    Other Tico athletes

    Costa Rican Katherine Arias and Costa Rican Esteban Arce also participated in the United States National Championship Without Kimono, who won silver and bronze medals, respectively, in their divisions.

    In the last decade, the competitive level of Costa Rican jiu-jitsu has been constantly rising, to the point of having a national exponent in the world elite of the sport. Sebastián Rodríguez Williams has been conquering Pan-American medals and world podiums with his black belt (highest level of Jiu-Jitsu) around his waist.

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