3 Reasons Why Costa Rica is The Best Place to Visit All Year Round

A nation that has it all….always!

Costa Rica has undoubtedly become a reference country in terms of tourism, thanks to its spectacular beaches, forests, mountains, volcanoes and immense biodiversity. However, the nation is making great efforts to break the seasonality of tourism and show that this country is ideal to visit at any time of the year.

The objective of breaking the seasonality of tourism in Costa Rica is to demonstrate the various activities that can be carried out all 365 days a year in the nation. It also seeks that companies in the sector leave behind the high and low seasons.

“It is important to counteract seasonality, as it gives the sector stability throughout the year that allows it to create more fixed jobs and reduce staff turnover. Also, companies would see their income increased, which raises their ability to reinvest in infrastructure, innovation and the improvement of their products”, said Shirley Calvo, executive director of the National Chamber of Tourism.

Similarly, María Amalia Revelo, Minister of Tourism, said “We have put a focus on tourism all year round, what we want is to tell tourists that they can come to Costa Rica when they like, what can be more beautiful than to go to visit us in any month of the year?” she asks.

It is worth mentioning that tourism benefits the generation of foreign exchange for the country and employment, it is also important to know that 8.2% of Costa Rica’s GDP enters through this sector. That is why Costa Rica recently launched its “Only the Essentials” campaign in the United States and Canada to attract more tourists to the country.

The “Only the Essentials” campaign began recently in September and will last for two years and be activated in the US cities of New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Tampa-Orlando, Denver, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas-Houston, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago; in Canada it will include Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. This campaign aims to give foreigners the experience of reuniting with themselves spiritually with nature through authentic experiences.

What activities can I do in Costa Rica the year-round?

Costa Rica, being a country with a variety of natural scenarios gives way to a wide range of activities, such as adventure sports, bird watching, rural tourism, among other exciting activities.

Adventure sports

Adventure sports in Costa Rica are in high demand by tourists, according to data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), 56% of foreign visitors surveyed in the 2015-2017 period conducted adventure activities within our country. Our nation offers a varied list of adventure sports activities that include rafting, kite surfing, canopy, rappelling, trekking or hiking, climbing, canyoning, bungee jumping, and tubing, among others. It also offers traditional outdoor activities for tourists such as sport fishing, surfing, golf, mountain biking or equestrian activities, to name a few examples.

Bird watching

Bird watching is an activity in high demand in Costa Rica and this is thanks to the fact that the country has more than 900 species of birds and a National Bird Route dedicated to the observation and preservation of the different species. This makes it a delight for those who love birds. The national bird route has a circuit that integrates almost the entire Costa Rican territory, with points and locations selected precisely to allow tourists an unforgettable experience. In addition to an extraordinary diversity of bird species. Similarly, in this route, people can experience the culture of the local communities that are integrated into this route.

Rural tourism

Rural community tourism in Costa Rica is aimed at those tourists who want to get out of the routine, experience new customs and discover the cultural diversity that surrounds each community they visit. Offering a close experience with communities, nature, culture, and social environment. This option, in turn, drives the local economy of each zone. The objective of rural tourism is to preserve the ethnic identity, the valuation, and transmission of the cultural heritage of the communities, in addition to standing out for being sustainable and eco-friendly. In a few words, Costa Rica offers countless activities in the tourism sector, which meets every requirement or taste of tourists, in any month of the year.

SOURCEArgelis Desiree Torrealba
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