Which is The Most Inexpensive Month for Visiting Costa Rica?

    For all those “penny pinchers” out there!

    If you want to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer and do not have much money, know that November is the ideal to realize that dream without running out of all your savings along the way, also during this month flights are also much cheaper.

    November is the month where everything seems to come alive and all the landscapes become bright green, as some northern tourists report that color is similar to the green that is seen when spring finally comes after a long winter. In short, both plants and animals seem to enjoy and enjoy this humid part of the year.

    It is important to note that this month is considered the transition month between the dry and the rainy season. That is why the rainy days have decreased considerably compared to the other months of the season and the most important benefit is that prices are kept low and resorts are usually less crowded. Learn here how the seasons are divided about the weather in Costa Rica

    The first thing you should know about Cosa Rica is that despite being a tropical country with excellent weather most of the time, it has two very marked seasons: the first one is the dry season or as it is popularly known as the summer and the second is the rainy season or so-called winter.

    Dry season: It goes from December to April; the temperature is 28ºC on average and can reach a peak of 35º in February and March, especially in the coastal areas of the country. Rainy season:

    It goes from May to November, in terms of temperature the humidity increases to more than 90%. It should be noted that it does not mean that there is permanent rainfall throughout the day, but rather that in these months it rains much more frequently.

    An important fact about the rainy season in Costa Rica is that the mornings are mostly sunny and warm and after 2 p.m., gray clouds begin to take over the sky and precipitation begins. However, after about two or three hours of rain, the sun rises again.

    What activities can I do in Costa Rica during November?

    Being home to 6% of the planet’s biodiversity, it is an unbeatable destination for nature exploration. Some of the sites we recommend you visit our Monteverde Rain Forest, Braulio Carrillo National Park, Corcovado National Park, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

    Visiting the Costa Rican Caribbean

    While in other places in Costa Rica the rains are present, in the area of the Costa Rican Caribbean during October and November you can enjoy excellent beaches with a dry and dreamy climate, adding to lower accommodations costs.

    Recommendations to fully enjoy your trip

    During November we recommend you to carry along waterproof clothes and resistant shoes, as well as a swimsuit, shorts, cool shirts, hats, and sunglasses because this month the weather can change from sunny to rainy in a matter of hours. In the same way, you should put in your suitcase long jeans and a coat, since at night the temperatures usually drop a little, and in some days it can even fall below 20 degrees.

    You must carry insect repellent all the time, especially in this rainy month when mosquitoes abound, in addition to this; you must bring some ointment for bites just in case. Also, we encourage you to plan any outdoor activity in the morning; this is because they are the hours during the day where it usually does not rain during this month.

    Finally, know that Costa Rica is a wonderful country and ideal to visit in any month of the year, but if you decide to come during November you will live an exuberant experience, with the magic of nature surrounding you and making you fall in love with this unique nation.

    SOURCEArgelis Desiree Torrealba
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