Costa Rican Government Will Seek Resources in Qatar to Conserve the National Theater

    It was the same Qatari authorities who offered the support

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    A group of Costa Rican leaders will travel to Qatar this week in search of financial resources for two projects: the Comprehensive Security and Conservation Program of the National Theater and the construction of a new Dr. Blanco Cervantes National Hospital for Geriatrics and Gerontology.

    Both initiatives will be presented to the Government of Qatar, which, according to the Presidency, will cover the expenses of the trip, since it was the same Qatari authorities who requested the sample of the projects in person.

    “Our efforts will be oriented to pay tribute to the elderly, from the vision of building a hospital with the right conditions to guarantee the care they deserve, and also, to promote the preservation of a jewel in our history as it is the National Theater”, stated the Vice President of the Republic, Marvin Rodríguez.

    The hierarch will make the tour together with the Minister of Culture and Youth, Sylvie Durán, the president of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), RománMacaya, and the director of the National Theater, Karina Salguero.

    Resources will allow the Theater to last many more years

    In the coming days, with its own budget, the National Theater will begin the construction of the metallic stretch, which is part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Conservation of the historic monument.

    However, they are looking for new resources to attend to human security and conservation alerts with the aim that the life of the institution last for many more years.

    “After the approval by the Legislative Assembly of the loan with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration was not achieved, we became aware that we shouldlook for resources from another source to meet all the needs of our historical monument ”, commented the director of the Theater.

    New hospital would be a university teaching center

    The Government estimates to have a new hospital that provides care and attention to the elderly in areas such as consultation, hospitalization, emergencies and surgery. It also contemplates providing palliative care at home and making this new structure a university teaching center.

    Macaya explained that with the aging of the population and the increase in life expectancy, it is a priority to provide this medical center with facilities and equipment that provide the best care.

    “This is an initial visit in this process of seeking international cooperation to offer services with modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, in accordance with the needs of a rapidly aging population,” concluded the president of the CCSS.

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