Costa Rican Ecology: Tourism, Promotion, and Guaranteed Health

    This Centro American country has demonstrated that ecology and economic development is possible as long as tourism and habitants health go hand in hand.

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    Costa Rica is not just a tourism icon but also a health guarantor through nature conservation. The nation offers the possibility of clean air and good health services thanks to the promotion and the strengthening of the ecology. While at the same time gives the opportunity to know and enjoy the green wonderful nature hidden in its environment. Two mains aspects characterize Costa Rican ecology: tourism promotion and health guarantee.

    In America, this Centro Caribbean nations is acknowledged by the excellence of its ecologic reserves represented in small and big national parks. At a world level, Costa Rican is regarded in a special way for its nature conservation activities which has set an example for many nations. This nature conservation policy has satisfied the community’s necessities and so avoiding meaningful negative effects on both tourists and citizen’s health.

    In this country the promotion of ecology as an economic model has made the tourist’s necessities essential to their satisfaction, which as a result improved certain public services for the country which consequently brought health improvements, drinking water and good maintenance of the roads and streets. Thanks to this development focus Costa Rican society has reduced many diseases and also has prevented many of them.

    Environmental Protection
    Environmental Protection

    For many years Costa Rica has worked to make a reality, through the environment, to improve the living conditions of the population. This has been the result of legislation focused on implementing the ecology to lead the way in the Central American country. Although many pesticides have endangered people’s health the State has centered its attention on resolving this problem and yet mortality rate of this small Caribbean country is the lowest in America.

    Scientific studies have confirmed that in places where the environment is not well preserved the mortality rate is high, which evidences that the deterioration of the environment has a bearing on people’s live causing sickness and traumatisms. These researchers have confirmed that healthy environments promote sickness prevention and guarantee the best health for citizens and visitors.

    In Europe, tourism is orientated in promote the historic memories of all peoples through the preservation of castles, fortress, streets and houses’ infrastructures. However, Costa Rica maintains as a tourism icon its nature by practicing ecology, being evident for its ecologic reserves. This preservation project is being sponsored by The National System of Protected Areas.

    Even though tourism promotes the strengthening of several economic areas in a given country, at the same time presents certain social problems such as the deterioration of the inhabitants’ health. In this case, Costa Ricans seek not to let the development that tourism promises negatively affect the population’s health. The environmental management that is implemented by the state is grounded in article 50 of the Politic Constitution which says “every person has the right to a healthy and ecologically well-balanced environment”

    Tourism Bus

    This right to enjoy a healthy and ecologically well-balanced environment implies the health of the habitats that are immersed in nature or that in some way are in contact with it. This premise suggests the creation of projects to regulate the environment for the people and also implies the protection of the citizens and foreigners’ health. Given that pollution and deterioration of the environment causes a negative impact on people’s health.

    On the other hand, this country’s legislation developed and enacted a General Health Law that obliges competent authorities to orient public health programs measures to accord with the environment with the purpose of guaranteeing the integral health. Also, this law points out that the environment’s pollution is a potential promoter of human health which is also understood as a threat to the life’s stability in the nation.

    Llanos de Cortez
    Llanos de Cortez

    These actions make Costa Rica a well-balanced State that is coherent with its principles and that keeps a consistent relationship with the human rights which are established at a world level. Within this framework, this Centro Caribbean country offers to promote ecology as a tourism motor and at the same time as the people’s health guarantor. This represents a big achievement because it is not frequent to see economic development plans go hand in hand with population’s health.

    Costa Rica is a tourism icon and an evident example for countries in Latin America demonstrating that it is possible the development of the country through this economic activity. The presence of this country says to the continent that without major damages it is possible to produce knowledge and enjoy through the environment; and this became real thanks to two perspectives that define Costa Rican ecology: tourism promotion and health guarantee.

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