The country today announced a new mixture of asphalt based on plastic. It is a project led by the National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) in partnership with several organizations.

This “green asphalt” is used in other countries such as England, India, and Canada. But Costa Rica will be a pioneer in Latin America with the use of this material.

Asphalt road made of plastic waste
Asphalt road made of plastic waste

This technique consists of the addition of polymers (plastic) to conventional asphalt mixtures in order to improve their mechanical characteristics. Such a mixture improves, for example, the resistance of the pavement to deterioration due to climatic factors and the vehicle weight.

The 1st pilot plan for the use of this asphalt will be carried out in the canton of Desamparados. Additionally, the Coca-Cola company and the ALIARSE Foundation also participate in the project.

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