Costa Rica Will Officially Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

    With the objective of strengthening family values, peaceful coexistence and attracting foreign tourists

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    For the first time and officially, Costa Rica will celebrate Thanksgiving this year, after the initiative was published this Wednesday in La Gaceta. The now law was approved in March 2022 during the 2018-2022 constitutional legislature, but it was not until scope 240 to La Gaceta 214 when the text was published as Law 10179.

    This new legislation is a single article that indicates the following:

     “The last Thursday of November of each year is declared Thanksgiving Day in Costa Rica. It will have the objective of strengthening family values, peaceful coexistence and attracting tourists who seek to commemorate that date outside their country.

    The plan was presented as an expectation to revitalize shops and restaurants, because it would promote the celebration of this date in family reunions or among friends. “Its purpose is to encourage the visit of tourists from the United States to our country during the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

    “As is known, with the arrival of cold weather in that country, during those dates many Americans travel and favor sunny destinations, with more pleasant temperatures,” says file 22,807 that served for the discussion of the now Republic Law .

    “This is possible thanks to the fact that the vast majority of deputies from the previous period supported the project that I presented to promote gratitude,” said former legislator Jonathan Prendas.

    This is a celebration rooted in countries like the United States and Canada that initially had religious ties. But over the years, it became a holiday to give thanks, regardless of the religion of the people.

    Usually, it gathers people around a table with food as thanks for everything received in the year and for the one to come. In North American countries it is common for dinner to include turkey.

    Is it a holiday?

    This 2022 will be on November 24 when the holiday is celebrated. However, it should be noted that this is not a holiday for Costa Ricans. “Although it is not a holiday, I am sure that the official celebration of that day by the Government, social organizations and all the families of the country will bring a lot of good,” said the former congressman.

    It should be noted that the closest holiday is registered for Thursday, December 1, although a Law moved it to Monday, December 5 for this year. That day, the Abolition of the Army will be commemorated on its 74th anniversary, to remember that in 1948 this momentous decision was made by Costa Rica.

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