Costa Rica Stands Out in the International Ranking: “Cities of The Future”

    San José is the only Latin American city in many categories of the ranking

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    “San José is the third city of the future in the Americas” according to the Foreign Direct Investment Strategy and the “second in human capital and lifestyle of medium-sized cities”. This was announced by the international magazine fDi Intelligence, which published the ranking for “Cities of the Future 2021-2022”, where Costa Rica also stands out in other categories.

    Eight cities in Costa Rica appear in the most recent ranking and in the sixth edition of “Cities of the Future of the Americas 2021/22”. Why? According to the creator of the study, fDi Intelligence, the country has key geographical areas for foreign direct investment, human capital, profitability, among other categories. For example, the capital, San José, stands out in 7 categories of which it occupies the second, third, seventh and ninth places.

    San José ranking according to fDi Intelligence

    In the category of Human Capital and Lifestyle of medium-sized cities, San José, Costa Rica is the only Latin American city in the ranking, led by Quebec, Canada and complemented by other cities in that country, as well as the United States.

    For its part, the Costa Rican capital is among the top 25 cities of the future in the Americas in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy. Given this, the study explains: “San José, Costa Rica obtains the third place. CINDE reported a record number of 81 new investment projects in 2020, including 26 new companies and 35 new expansions”. The first place on this list was obtained by New York, the United States and, second, by Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

    The report also mentions: “Cities around the world are gradually emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, defining a new set of policies aimed at restarting growth and development in urban areas as vaccination campaigns keep the pandemic under control. Cities in America are not the exception, and the ranking of the sixth edition of the biannual FDI of the Americas of Cities of the Future takes a closer look at the perspectives of the locations to the north and south of the continent”. The study also analyzed micro and small cities which highlighted the potential of 7 Costa Rican cities.

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