Nine Reasons Why You Will Love to Live in Costa Rica

    The “Land of Pure Life” has much more to offer to foreigners who come to visit or who have established it as a point of residence for a new life

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    Costa Rica is a young, thriving, cosmopolitan nation that opens its arms to the world and wants to show you what makes it a unique place. There are countless reasons (and whatever you want: rational, emotional, philosophical, aesthetic, etc.) to be able to demonstrate why the foreigner ends up loving the “Land of Pure Life”.

    1. Stability

    Let’s start with a very rational reason. Costa Rica has become the leading economy in Latin America in a sustained and stable job for more than ten years. The nation has taken pains to improve its scores in almost all international rankings and measurements. Growth, legal security and above all, security, transform the country into the ideal place to live peacefully.

    1. Its People

    Cheerful, funny and above all smiling. The world knows the true Tico spirit. The national identity has been forged from the harmonious coexistence of multiple nationalities that came to work and finally ended up staying. That harmony and fusion is admirable from architecture to gastronomy, through music and art.

    1. Hub Of The Americas

    Ahead with the restart of operations of its International Airports whose infrastructure allows the landing of both commercial and charter flights, which will increase the passenger transport capacity per year, Costa Rica can boast of being one of the most important touristic and commercial points in Latin America. Today the country directly connects with many destinations in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

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    1. The Best Place To Retire

    Costa Rica has always embraced anyone who wants to come to live in the country. The foreigner will always be welcome. It is in their DNA. And if there is something that has been a public policy, it is the benefit for the retiree. That is why regardless of their nationality, the retiree has a series of fully guaranteed rights. Modern, convenient, and close to the U.S. — not to mention sunny, warm, and welcoming. It’s hardly surprising that Costa Rica is among the first nations in the 2019 Annual Global Retirement Index.

    That is why Costa Rica, for more than ten years, has led all the quality of life rankings for retirees, pensioners and the elderly. Enacting laws that apply equally to Ticos and foreigners residing in the country.

    1. Heavenly Beaches

    You already knew that in Costa Rica you can visit the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on the same day. Now imagine the number of beach options that the coastline can give you on both sides, the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, in addition to the many islands that are a good distance from the coast. Identify what you are looking for and go on an adventure. Swim, dive, sail, surf or simply enjoy the sun in an infinity of paradisiacal places that are waiting to be discovered.

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    1. Investor Benefits

    Since its inception it has encouraged foreign investment in the country. For them there are attractive laws and decrees that offer special incentives for importation, in terms of taxes and operation.

    Some sectors that enjoy these incentives are tourism, export processing zones, medical, reforestation, high-tech, agro-industry, infrastructure and construction. Costa Rica has long been the center of attraction for global investors who appreciate the legal security and the excellent competitive benefits that the country offers them.

    7.- The Best Coffee In The World

    If your passion is coffee, the country produces the best coffee in the world within unique microclimates, perfect to visit the different growing areas with its beautiful farms and enjoy.

    1. Real Estate Development

    As the recipient of a very large amount of foreign investment in the region, Costa Rica has developed a highly desirable real estate market. Modern cities and towns, first-world tourism projects that give the investor a wide range of opportunities with the same benefits as the local citizen.

    And just as some have decided to invest in their permanent residences, there is another group of foreigners who, taking advantage of the benefits that the country provides and its stability, are committed to investing in some type of housing through the so-called ‘residential tourism’, which it is estimated, it was about 10 billion dollars last year.

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    9.- Life in Costa Rica

    The country has become one of the most desirable places to live for its cosmopolitan style and its long list of activities to do. In the towns in or in the countryside there are always things happening.

    And during the year what is not lacking are plans and activities to do. To the already traditional Jazz and Film festivals, theater, dance, concerts and other activities are very recurrent in the country’s annual calendar.

    We could continue giving reasons and reasons, but we want you to discover them for yourself. The “Land of Pure Life” awaits you with open arms so you can find yours.

    TCRN Staff

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