Costa Rica Recognizes 90 Companies for Their Commitment to Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

    “Tourism Sustainability Meeting” highlighted the members of the sector certified and subscribed during the year 2023 to the programs promoted by the ICT

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    The Department of Certifications and Tourism Responsibility of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), recognized this past Thursday the commitment of 90 companies and organizations in the sector during the “Tourism Sustainability Meeting” held at the Costa Rica Convention Center (CCCR), for subscribing to sustainability programs in the year 2023, including those companies with Tourism Sustainability Certification (CST), those adhered to the SOFIA NETWORK, the Code of Conduct and the licensees of the Country Brand.


    This commitment by members of the private sector, among several reasons, consolidates why Costa Rica was chosen at the end of January to occupy the presidency of the Tourism and Sustainability Committee of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism) for four years. ), thanks to the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism, the implementation of innovative initiatives and global recognition.


    “It is essential to generate actions that promote tourism development within the framework of sustainability to improve the competitiveness and quality of tourist activity in our destination and that is why we are pleased that more companies are certified and ensure sustainable and responsible travel experiences,” he expressed. Mariana Garita, Head of the Certifications and Social Responsibility Area of ​​the ICT.


    Among the activities carried out at the event, talks were given on “Renewable electrification of the economy and sustainable tourism”, by Dr. Rodrigo Rojas Morales, from the Planning and Sustainability, Energy and Electrical Development Directorate of the ICE Group, and “Costa Rica, an edible country”, by renowned chef José Pablo González, owner of Al MercatDota, addressing gastronomy and sustainable production


    In addition, there was a Lesco sign language interpreter, and a discussion was held with people with disabilities to share experiences and perspectives on accessibility and inclusion in the tourism sector, thus promoting more inclusive tourism that is aware of the needs of all people.


    An area of ​​stands was also established where participating companies exhibited their initiatives related to sustainability, with the participation of UNDP-INAMU, Grupo ICE,, RutasEléctricas, 5Minute Foundation, MINAE-CONAGEBIO / Costa Rica Silvestre, the collective of Crafts with Identity, Costa Rica Firefighters and Raíces Indigenous Tourism.


    Likewise, the new online subscription methodology for the Red Sofía, Code of Conduct, Social Tourism with Integrity (component of “Tourism for All People”) and Tu-Modelo programs was announced, in a more agile and simple way for those who wish to consolidate their commitment and impact at a social and economic level locally.




    Certifications given

    Code of Conduct against commercial sexual exploitation associated with travel and tourism:

    Preventive program that represents a commitment of the Costa Rican tourism sector to discourage and report Commercial Sexual Exploitation associated with Travel and Tourism in children and adolescents, as part of responsible tourism.


    SOFIA Network:

    Preventive program inspired by women who travel alone through which a commitment is established in the community on the importance of promoting gender equality in tourism personnel to promote transformative travel experiences as part of responsible and inclusive tourism and therefore sustainable.


    Certification for Tourism Sustainability (CST):

    Recognizes the management of companies and organizations that actively work to minimize the impacts resulting from their operation and maximize positive benefits at the social, cultural, environmental and community levels, promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in Costa Rica destinations. This differentiation tool allows the transformation of business models focused on implementing sustainability management systems, promoting continuous improvement and competitiveness.


    “Essential Costa Rica” Country Brand Licensing:

    It is a strategic instrument for competitiveness, through which the country is identified and positioned.The Country Brand includes specific values ​​such as sustainability, excellence, social progress, innovation and citizen engagement, with which the licensee company identifies itself and for which the ICT ensures the granting of use licenses after a series of procedures, as a result The entrepreneur is given the opportunity to use the distinctive logo “We are essential Costa Rica.”


    New version of the CST Standard

    On the other hand, the tourism sector was invited to be part of the online Public Consultation process to build the new version of the CST Standard, through feedback and contributions from the sector it will be possible to improve the evaluation tool, so that its application be more agile and accessible according to the current business context.In the following link, tourism companies can be part of said public consultation:


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