Costa Rica Presents Trends of the Real Estate Sector for 2022

    "For the year 2022, the Costa Rican real estate market is expected to continue as a growing market." Gaudelio Zúñiga.

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    Before starting to get into the matter, it is propitious that we go back to the historical moment that humanity is living; And it is that although it is true the pandemic has caused great changes in the way we develop and the real estate sector does not escape from this reality.

    And as a consequence, a sector that has been affected is real estate, however within its ranks other niches such as digital nomads and retirees have taken a lot of strength. In addition, there has been a series of changes in the final consumer who is looking for a space equipped with the highest and most sophisticated state-of-the-art technology.

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    An expert’s vision …

    For Gaudelio Zúñiga, general manager of Ecoquintas, a Costa Rican company dedicated to the development of real estate projects in Costa Rica, announced that the market in our country will continue to be a growing market.

    Likewise, Zúñiga points out that according to the trend of the last 5 years, it is possible to speak of a quality product. The government of the nation has also collaborated through efforts to boost foreign investment in the country.

    Low Interest Rates Open the Opportunity to Take a Loan or Refinance Mortgages in the Costa Rican Real Estate Sector

    Important facts of the real estate sector for the year 2022

    Another important aspect that stands out is foreign investment. Where Costa Rica is positioned worldwide as one of the best countries in terms of retirement and also and also one of the most advanced with regard to the case of digital nomads.

    In the particular case of digital nomads, Costa Rica leads the way because in this regard, digital nomads are looking for places in countries like Costa Rica that have a tourist attraction to enjoy in their spare time but with an excellent Internet connection.

    In the case of those who decide to take the country as their home after retiring; many of them are attracted by nature, the quality of its people and above all seeking to escape from the noise of large and congested cities.

    Regarding the technological issue, Zúñiga is emphatic in making it known that national projects must undergo a technological and digital transformation. This in order to attract the population and also give them the possibility of working from home.

    Finally, in relation to the projects, they must be sustainable and ecological with spaces to produce vegetables and minimizing to the maximum extent the deterioration that this type of practice can cause to the environment.


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