4 New Year`s Rituals and Customs to Fulfill Your Dreams in 2022

    If you want to travel, finish your career, have financial stability, find love, among other things, know the 4 effective rituals to welcome the New Year

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    We are celebrating Christmas and the New Year and in Costa Rica people are beginning to prepare to receive it in the best way. Nobody knows what this new year 2022 will bring, but there are certain customs and rituals that many say are useful to have a positive year in every aspect.

    That is why we will show you four very common practices performed to have good luck and thus fulfill Tico`s dreams:

    1. Eat twelve grapes at midnight

    It is believed that this tradition was born in Spain between the 19th and 20th centuries and was brought from there to Costa Rica. The idea with this custom is that, when the clock announces midnight, the gathered people eat a grape for each sound of the bell. If it can be done with precision, the lucky person is entitled to a year of prosperity and good luck. However, since each grape represents a different month, it is also said that, if one tastes very bitter, it is because that period will be difficult.

    2. Dress in colors

    In Costa Rica, the color yellow is related to the New Year and many recommend wearing new yellow underwear to attract prosperity, money and abundance; The truth is that, depending on where you are in the world or what is most fervidly desired, the colors may vary. For example, with the same objective, in Brazil, many use white on the beach during the first of January and complement it by jumping 07 waves in the sea. For their part, the most romantic ones who wish to be lucky in love or attract passion for their relationships choose to wear the color red.

    3. Put lentils in your pocket

    Although the best known custom is to eat lentils on Mondays, there are families who give it a whole new meaning by carrying it in their pockets at midnight. This tradition derives from another that comes from Italy, and that dates back to ancient Rome, where the settlers of yesteryear gave a bag full of lentils to their friends to wish them good luck. This is because the food is shaped like a coin and increases in size when cooked, which is why it was associated with abundance.

    4. Take a walk with suitcases

    For those who love travel and discovering new places, an alternative to attract adventure is to walk with a suitcase through the neighborhood after midnight. There are those who associate that the duration of the trip will depend on how far you walk with your luggage outside the home; others that luck only comes if you go out with a full suitcase or if you complete a circle on your journey.

    Do you know any more traditions of this season? Share it with us!

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