Fruits to Improve Your Luck: Myth or Reality?

    The truth is that they all fulfill their nutritional function

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    There are several fruits that can change the lives of those who consume them. But beyond that they really bring abundance or do not go beyond being an omen, the truth is that they all fulfill their nutritional function. There are fruits that can bring luck to those who consume them, including avocado, figs, apple, pineapple and grapes.

    See what they are and how they should be used:


    It is used to attract luck in casino games and in chance, specifically the seed. To do this, 3 fruits must be extracted on a Sunday. Then, it should be left outdoors for 3 nights when there is a full moon. Then, in an orange silk bag, these seeds should be placed and closed sewn with red thread. This bag should be carried with you whenever you buy lotteries or when playing with lucky numbers.


    They have been widely used in different rituals through the centuries. They can be used to attract luck in everything related to the world of work and in salary increases. For this purpose, 6 dried figs should be placed in the center of a white plate. Then, around the figs, 4 coins with the highest value, so that they coincide with the 4 cardinal points. Next, the work wish to be achieved will be written on a paper cut out in the shape of a triangle and placed under the plate with the figs. Remember to rotate the platter every day clockwise a quarter of a turn.


    It has always been related to love since ancient times and, therefore, it is not surprising that there are many rituals to attract luck in the sentimental world using this fruit. In this sense, you can use 2 green apples, with hard and shiny skin (one will represent the person making the wish and the other to whom it is addressed). Then, it must be pierced through the upper and lower center to be able to pierce them with a red tape of about 50 centimeters. This procedure should be done with both apples so that they are strung side by side.

    Then, 6 knots are made somewhat strong (3 on each side, always keeping the fruits in the middle). Every time a knot is tied, the desire for love that is craved is requested. It should be left until they rot in a quiet and discreet place and finally they are buried in a pot inside the home.


    It is a fruit that should not be missing in homes, according to the portal, and it is recommended to place it in the center of the dining room (with other fruits) or in a corner of the kitchen, this, in order to provide luck. One that is not ripe should be selected. Then it should stand on a plate and sprinkle a teaspoon of sea salt on top and brown sugar on the green leaf area. As soon as it rots, it must be exchanged for another.


    They are fruits widely used on New Year’s night, for this it is recommended to eat the 12 grapes, which are the equivalent of the number of months in the year. Even for those superstitious, it is said that when wine is spilled on the table, you have to rub your forehead with it so that luck does not abandon you.

    Finally, to attract luck in the home, select any day of the year 6 grapes. Extract 2 seeds from each, for a total of 12. Then, clean them with a little wine and leave them in the sun to dry. Then place them in a glass or metal goblet. Finally. you should blow on them and make a wish for luck for the home. (Read: The shelf life of fruits can be extended)

    Myth or reality, many people believe this type of ritual and even attest to the changes that their lives have undergone thanks to it. Others, on the other hand, tend to laugh when someone tells this kind of thing. In the end, what everyone agrees on is that they are delicious and that their nutritional value is what is really important.

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