Street Artist Creates Incredible 3D Optical Illusions

    Transforming boring spaces into surreal scenes that come to life

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    While some street “artists are putting questionable lines and spots in cities, others are turning urban spaces into mind-blowing art. The 31-year-old Mexican artist Carlos Alberto from Guadalajara, creates extraordinary anamorphic street art.

    Surreal scenes

    Transforming boring spaces into surreal scenes that come to life at the right angle. The artist masterfully plays with shadows and perspective to create colorful 3D optical illusions that would make any passerby pause for a second and turn their head trying to figure out ‘how’. He is currently painting in Detroit, USA, America’s largest 3D mural featuring Street Art for Mankind for the #ZeroHungerMurals. Without further ado, we leave you with the gallery with the most applauded works of Alberto and that are attracting the attention of the whole world. What do you think is the best work of this great artist?

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