Costa Rica presents bill to retrieve seized goods faster

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Government of Costa Rica presented a new project called the “Forfeiture Act” that seeks illicit assets seized from organized crime or the power of the state to pass more expeditiously.

    The project proposes that assets that were seized or illicitly acquired with failure to achieve a legitimate source check, become state property faster without necessarily punishing the person from whom they were seized .

    The project was presented at a press conference following the Governing Council and will be sent in the coming days to the Legislature for consideration. The initiative creates the Deputy Attorney Forfeiture and Forfeiture Courts, which will be devoted exclusively to the subject. “We are creating the procedural tools so they can take those blows to the economy of organized crime,” said Deputy National Drug Commissioner, Celso Gamboa at the press conference on security.

    For its part, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla said that this initiative will strengthen two constitutional reforms that will allow Congress seeking the extradition of nationals and communications easier and with the participation of a judge. To Chinchilla, the project is also a complement to existing laws that establish taxes on casinos and corporations, whose resources are directed to safety programs and combating organized crime.

    The forfeiture legislation is not new in Latin America, as Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras already have similar legislation on the matter, according to the Costa Rican government. (EFE)

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