Costa Rican Hero MoraThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Juan Rafael Mora is the “unsung hero who saved Central America from becoming a slave state in southern USA”, said Costa Rican historian Raul Arias Sánchez, who presented a book in Madrid about the war between Costa Rica and the United States.

Chronicles of the National Campaign journalistic Costa Rica – United States was presented today at the Casa de America in Madrid by Arias Sanchez, with his editor, Mauricio Ortiz, and actress Alejandra Portillo, co-producer of the work.

This historical research project examines the war between Costa Rica and the United States in 1856 through the news published in newspapers of the time, and enhances the figure of Mora, who was only recognized in the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly in 2010. However, Mora led the only army that could stop U.S. forces, although the conflict decimated the population.

The Costa Rican campaign, “Gave the coup de grace to the ideology of Manifest Destiny fatal,” says the historian, referring to the dogma of racial superiority and expansionism. Even though serious newspapers such as The New York Times or Herald suggested traces of adherence to this ideology, Arias Sánchez, added, “With the addition of Central Southern states, Lincoln never would have won the election.”

The presentation was attended by the Consul General of the Embassy of Costa Rica, Guillermo Rojas, and the director of the Casa de America, Thomas Poveda, who noted Rican leadership in the region in terms of human development. (EFE)

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