Conflict arises between PUSC and its presidential candidate in Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The dome of the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) and its presidential candidate, Rodolfo Hernandez, are in conflict after he ordered the resignation of the president of the group.

    “We will not give up. Yes to dialogue,” he said tersely on the social networking sites of PUSC president, Gerardo Vargas, a day after he ordered Hernandez to resign from his post.

    Last Saturday Hernandez, second in the voting polls, resumed his presidential candidacy two days later to give it up because of “betrayal” and “backstabbing” within the party, but without specifying names. According to Hernandez, he also accepted the resignation of “tactical committee” composed by PUSC figures Rolando Laclé, Danilo Chaverri, Jorge Guardia, and Gonzalo Fajardo.

    The candidate also demanded that former presidents Rafael Angel Calderon (1990-1994) and Miguel Angel Rodriguez (1998-2002), who have faced corruption allegations in recent years, to abstain from engaging in any party political campaign. Calderon told local media today that it is a “absurd” and “without head or tail” request of Rodolfo Hernandez, as he is not participating in or interested in joining the campaign of PUSC. The political campaign before the elections next February 2nd, officially began on Wednesdaythe day after the resignation of Hernandez, a pediatrician by profession and former director of the National Children’s Hospital.

    The PUSC is one of the traditional parties of Costa Rica, but since his last government, Abel Pacheco (2002-2006) suffers a serious crisis due to allegations of corruption against former Presidents Calderón and Rodríguez. According to surveys, the favorite for the elections is the former mayor of San José, Johnny Araya, candidate of the ruling National Liberation Party (PLN, Social). In second place are Hernandez and then other applicants such as José María Villalta, of the leftist Frente Amplio, Otto Guevara of the Libertarian Movement and Luis Guillermo Solis of the Citizens Action Party (PAC, center). (EFE)

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