Costa Rica Makes Huge Investment in HIV Care

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    The Minister of Health, Joselyn Chacón, affirmed that the country makes a huge investment in the medical and human care of people infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which makes it one of the most prominent in the world in care for this disease. The head of Health gave her statement at the Special Permanent Commission on Human Rights, where she appeared accompanied by the Director of Planning, Andrea Garita, and the Coordinator of the HIV Department, José Pablo Montoya.

    In the generality of the details, the head of the Health portfolio specified that the increase in HIV cases continues, with the capital city being the region with the highest number of infected and with a huge incidence in the case of trans women. She specified that they are working on the implementation of the HIV Strategic Plan, especially with regard to the early detection of the disease, with the resumption of tests now that there is less congestion in the laboratories.

    Congressman Geison Valverde Méndez was interested in knowing the possibilities of expanding the list of medications available to immunosuppressed people. In this particular, Minister Chacón said that they are already working with a group of infectologists so that, within 3 months, they can have the guide with the new medications.

    Parliamentarian Monserrat Ruiz Guevara indicated that the country has a number of important gaps in this area, of which it is unknown how many people are infected, how many know their gerological status, and how many have achieved viral load suppression. She added that the economic investment that the country makes in the care of these people, and in the medical care of key populations, is also unknown. For his part, parliamentarian Antonio Ortega Gutiérrez denounced the systematic attack that those affected by HIV are suffering from some dependencies.

    The Minister of Health explained that the National Strategic Plan for HIV is focused on the axis of human rights, which is why regional and local levels are being strengthened in the area of ​​prevention. For the head of Health, the country has wide coverage and participation of organizations that help HIV patients and also has a donation from the World Fund that is aimed at organizations that work on the issue of prevention.

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