Corcovado National Park Volunteer Meets Beautiful Puma and Goes Viral

    It was a young adult puma con color

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    The Corcovado National Park volunteer, María José FallasQuirós, had a very unexpected encounter: a puma approached her, sniffed, observed her in a unique opportunity. The video, that went viral, was recorded by the volunteer the previous Monday in the same park located in Osa. It is a young adult puma con color.

    «The craziest and darkest experience of my life. Without a doubt unforgettable”, Fallas wrote on her Facebook profile.According to National Geographic, cougars are not easy felines to find and sightings are not exactly very common.

    The cougar is the second largest feline in America after the jaguar. It is a very strong feline, it has legs equipped to climb, jump and short races, says NatGeo.In this case, the cougar looked very curious and alert around her.

    “Here it comes,” says the volunteer who documented the images. “Stay quiet,” they told her.’He’s on par with the girl, don’t you see? Be careful… be careful”, says another of those present at the time of the meeting.

    What they say on Social Media

    They tell me that this video was recorded today at the P.N. Corcovado and who recorded is a volunteer of the park. Pumas are super curious animals and unlike jaguars they do have records of attacks on human beings. # PumaConcolor # Corcovado # CostaRica

    – Katherine Mena 🎏 (@tortutica) December 7, 2021

    The feline is also classified as an expert in jumps, as these can reach a height of 4 meters and cover a distance of up to 10 meters long. When running, it reaches speeds of between 65 and 80 kilometers per hour.Big paws, vibrant color and bright eyes witnessed the people who had the opportunity to observe the puma, which ran off into the wild shortly after.

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