Holidays in the UAE: what you need to know

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    The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world, a country of abundance and a high standard of living with a good ecological situation and beautiful nature. Transitional climate from tropical to subtropical, year-round hot sun, clear warm waters of the Persian Gulf, coral reefs, golden sands of pristine beaches, lakes of volcanic origin, unique nature. All this makes your vacation in the UAE an unforgettable experience.

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    When is the best time to go

    The most suitable time for a vacation in the UAE is October-November or March-April.

    In winter (December – February) the air temperature warms up to +30° C, the weather is sunny, warm, and comfortable. The water temperature reaches +17° C. Tour prices are lower during the winter months, but the sea will be cool and the winds are often blowing along the coast.

    In the summer period (June-August), the real hell begins – the air temperature can reach +45° C, and the water temperature is up to +35° C. High temperature is accompanied by humidity. During such periods, people with cardiovascular diseases are not recommended to visit this country.


    In the UAE, you can import up to 200 cigarettes, up to 2 liters of spirits, and the same amount of wine (exclusively for personal use and only for non-Muslims). There are no restrictions on the import and export of currency.

    The import ban applies to drugs, weapons, and psychotropic substances.

    If there is a need to import medicines for personal use, you must have a prescription from a doctor indicating the number of medicines you need. If there is no recipe, it’s best to be careful.


    Dirham (AED) is in use. Currency exchange in the UAE is best done in the city center, as the rate is often underestimated in hotels and airports. It is more profitable to change the currency at exchange offices, and not at banks – the exchange rate can also vary.

    The national currency is “pegged” to the dollar and is stable. Just imagine, the exchange rate of the dirham against the dollar has not changed since 1971!


    In cities, tourists prefer to travel by taxi. You can spot it right on the street, which, by the way, is cheaper than ordering a taxi at the hotel. Taxis are also a good option for long-distance travel. This is convenient, especially if you are traveling with a group of up to 5 people.

    Public transport is also available for getting around the city, including the Dubai metro. Buses run between all emirates. Regular buses run on average once every half hour. Route maps and timetables are located at stops (which, by the way, are air-conditioned).

    Local residents rarely use public transport themselves, preferring a private car. If you also prefer personal transport, car rental is at your service, including supercars, electric vehicles, etc. The UAE has five excellent highways that connect the emirates with each other. Therefore, you can rent a Porsche 911 Carrera in Dubai, for example, and see all the beauties that this country gives!

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    The length of the coastline of the UAE is 700 km. The entire coastline is divided into the coastline of the Persian Gulf (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman) and the Gulf of Oman (Fujairah).

    The Persian coast is considered to be calmer, as large waves never reach the coast. There are sandy beaches, clean and spacious, shallow water stretched quite far from the coast. There are pebble beaches in Fujairah.

    Hotels located right on the shore often have their own beaches. Guests of hotels located further away can visit free city beaches or visit paid ones. As a rule, a bus runs from hotels to the beach. Renting a sun lounger and an umbrella on public beaches – for a fee.

    It’s a day off in the UAE on Friday, so the beaches can get crowded on that day. On some beaches in the UAE, there are also women’s days when men are not allowed to enter the beach.

    Holidays in the UAE
    Photo: Kent Tupas

    Safety of tourists

    There is practically no crime in the emirates, but there are rules and prohibitions that apply to the tourists themselves. The country is Arab and this obliges guests to behave in it in a certain way.


    ●     photographing Arab women is perceived as an insult;

    ●     government agencies, military facilities, and banks are prohibited from photographing;

    ●     Arab men can only be photographed after a person obtains permission.


    ●     alcohol consumption in public places is prohibited (it is possible in the hotel and restaurants);

    ●     appearance in a state of alcoholic intoxication on the street may lead to deportation;

    ●     it is forbidden to transport alcohol from the emirate to the emirate;

    ●     in Sharjah, alcohol is prohibited everywhere.

    Beach behavior:

    ●     Bathing suits are only allowed on the beaches where they are officially allowed (indicated by signs) or by the hotel pool;

    ●     in the nude or without the top of the swimsuit, sunbathing and swimming are prohibited.


    ●     banned in all emirates.

    Tourist clothing:

    ●     thin loose clothing is recommended;

    ●     women should not wear short skirts, see-through clothes, and dresses with a bare belly and back. It is better to close your hands to the elbow;

    ●     it is better for men to avoid walking around the city in shorts;

    ●     the most strict attitude to clothing in Sharjah.

    For crossing the road in the wrong place, foul language, smoking in public places or rubbish thrown on the street can be fined a round sum. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, refrain from offering bribes to the police – most likely, this will only complicate things.



    Luxurious hotels with a first-class level of service, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a rich entertainment program: jeep safaris, camel and Arabian horse riding, falconry in the desert, golf, tennis, diving, shopping will complement the pleasant impressions of the rest in the United Arab Emirates – this oasis of luxury in the middle of the desert.


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