This Holiday Season is a time for all of us to become more Spiritual

    Remember to enjoy these parties taking into account all the biosecurity measures recommended by the WHO

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    Christmas is the time of year when family and friends find ourselves at a time where spirituality invades our lives, filling some with melancholy, others with happiness, longing, the arrival of the New Year.

    It is the time of rejoicing, with willingness. It is believing that what we hope will come to fill us with life and renew us in love. It is a propitious opportunity to meet as a family, as brothers and sisters, to meet to share, to celebrate together the great feast of Christmas.

    We all should live a different, new, transforming Christmas that heals and liberates? Making it it to be for you and yours, full of peace, joy and a lot of life? … It is an opportunity to embrace, where peace, faith, hope, humility of heart is what comes to our lives.

    In this moment of reflection, requests are made, needs are presented, thanks are given to God.

    Life is one if it is very true, we must enjoy it as much as possible but taking into account that we must do good at all times since today we breathe but tomorrow we do not know, as the prophet Mark says “be prepared and watching because you do not know when it will arrive that moment, what I say to you I say to everyone. Be awake ”.

    Over the years our faith should never be lacking, regardless of the religion you are, we were created by a unique being. The spiritual world is very wide friends and each one with his each with the due respect that each human being deserves.

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