Carlos Alvarado Proposes Strengthening the Intellectual Heritage and the Country’s Economy

Carlos Alvarado and his Educational and Economic Government Program

In the run-off, Costa Rica will decide who will direct its future for 4 years. Among the contenders is the writer and journalist Carlos Alvarado, who proposes a government plan that focuses on the development of the educational and economic sector as the main pillars of the country’s development.

Carlos Alvarado of the Citizen Action Party (PAC), reached an average percentage of votes of 21.8% in the 1st round, a figure that he should increase on his opponent to achieve victory in those elections.

Carlos Alvarado obtained 21.8% of the votes in the 1st round.
Carlos Alvarado vote percentage

On the other hand, Costa Rica is on a threshold moment. For the 3rd time, an electoral election extends to a run-off. On the other hand, the political-social context is different. The religious and political theme has influenced the decision of the voters.

Carlos Alvarado is presented as an alternative to the candidacy of Fabricio Alvarado, the 2nd contender in this round. His plan is aimed at developing 10 principles, of which we will only review what is related to education and economics.

Alvarado’s goal is the development of the educational environment. His motto is “a country that changes from the classroom”. The implementation of this principle lies in the improvement and reinforcement of what already exists.

Carlos has the idea of getting the educational centers of the country to develop a complete curriculum. It also proposes to guide education through the framework of inclusion. In addition, it proposes to strengthen the education of young people and adults.

Education for early childhood is one of the main sectors that are subject to improvements within its plan. Alvarado plans the promotion and articulation between institutions that comprehensively develop the care and education of the early childhood.

This aspect of the educational field will strengthen it by increasing the coverage of education referred to above. This represents that Carlos proposes an important investment in early childhood education.

Carlos Alvarado has interesting proposals for his government plan.
Carlos Alvarado on the street

To be more precise, Carlos Alvarado’s goal is to optimize the selection processes of education professionals. This idea is focused on establishing suitable profiles of admission to the National Magisterium, to regularize and filter those who hold positions within the country’s educational field.

As mentioned above, Alvarado proposes the incorporation of new tools that allow the measurement of knowledge and talents of education professionals in order to correct the deficient.

These points in educational matter correspond to the most important part of the government program that Alvarado presented to the Costa Rican population. It represents the selection, consolidation, and strengthening of the human resource of the educational union.

Regarding the economic issue, Alvarado’s motto is “a country that moves forward”. Its purpose is to achieve macroeconomic stability in Costa Rica, generate jobs, strengthen tourism, create competitiveness in production and develop a social solidarity economy.

This candidate, in order to achieve the macroeconomic stability of Costa Rica, proposes a certain tax system that implies approving some tax reforms. He states that: “more people contribute more”, as a fair measure of the distribution of obligations.

It is worth mentioning that Carlos Alvarado does not promote so much the continuation of what exists, but rather promotes a new project whose main objective is the strengthening of the educational system and the reconstruction of the tax system.

Carlos Alvarado explaining his government plan
Carlos Alvarado explaining his government plan

He even takes a few steps further. It proposes the revision of luxury pensions to determine which are excessive. Its goal is to optimize the use of public resources in important matters. In this way, it eliminates inequalities in this aspect.

The secondary market is another element that is within the proposal for economic development. He plans to lower the cost of government liabilities while granting SUGEVAL rights to invigorate instrument valuation methods.

In this way, Alvarado plans to develop a kind of balance that will boost the country’s financial sector. On the other hand, he points to the Central Bank of Costa Rica to fight inflation and to develop flexible goals that allow production and employment.

The proposals on economic matters by this candidate seem sensible and, apparently, are focused on positioning a developed Costa Rica. Certainly, to win the run-off, the challenges for Alvarado are of greater importance.

Carlos Alvarado is a strong option for Costa Rican voters.
Carlos Alvarado as a candidate of the PAC

This candidate representing the Citizen Action Party (PAC) is one of the strongest presidential options since he gives importance to the development of the country’s intellectual heritage. However, it is evident that the nation’s wealth will mostly depend on an excellent economic policy.

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