Care for a Happy Pet

Pets the faithful companions...

Owning a pet entails several duties. The care goes beyond food and hygiene. These furry ones ask for daily attention. And not only do they ask for quality time and comfortable spaces in which to walk or rest. They need much more.

The benefits involved in having a dog or a cat at home are several:

Build self – esteem, reinforce the sense of responsibility. And even allow people to decrease blood pressure and stress levels.

The presence of animals in the home comes with a better quality of life. They are faithful companions who give unlimited affection to their masters. They win a special place in the hearts of everyone to the point of being part of the family.

The growing culture of animal protection has favored dogs or felines without home. It has also raised awareness in the citizenship that took into account the so-called “do not buy adopt”. Thanks to protectionists and dedicated causes to the rescue of mestizos. People have assumed the commitment to pamper these noble beings.

But our pets need healthy routines. They need to exercise and even minutes of relaxation. Because they even get to suffer from stress. These adorable pets.

Primal care for our pets

If you are responsible for an animal for the first time. Or you already have it for some time, consider the following tips.


They prevent many viruses and bacteria that threaten the health of pets. The anti-rabies is mandatory for everyone. When they are puppies, they need doses of parvovirus. Canine distemper. adenovirus, parainfluenza for dogs panleu feline sarcopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus for cats.

Veterinary control

It is very important to visit the veterinarian very often


It must be done at least twice a year. Even when the pet does not present any health condition. Veterinarians have the certified voice to state how to feed them and take care of them. Or when the veterinarian provides recommendations for preventive treatments. This could improve and extend the life of the beloved animal.


Neither excess nor lack of weight is beneficial. So, obey the indications about quantities in the food supplement packaging, for your pet. It is indispensable. Specialists recommend not replacing animal meals with homemade preparations. Getting hydrated with fresh water is important.


Washing is mandatory for dogs. It’s suggested to be performed every 15 days. Cats could take baths if they are accustomed from a young age. It should be brief and soft soap. About the cleaning of ears, it is best to do it with gauze. The nails of cats or dogs must be trimmed when they are too long. There are special tools.


Controlled physical activity is the best for your pet. Dogs need to go out for a walk once in a while to give freedom to their crawling or exploratory behaviors. Cats need to play with their master and spread out in green areas or patios. Spend at least three days a week to share with your pet in open spaces.


Learn everything you need to look after your new pets .

Experts recommend teaching animals with simple and effective techniques through games. You need to understand the language of the pet. And educate yourself to correct unpleasant behaviors.


The best pet shop offers different options to dress your beloved animal companion. Since it not just about looking for the best belt. There are beautiful clothing, ties, plates, and bags to transport them.

How to make your pet happy?

Neither fat nor thin

You control what you are feeding them. So take care of the portions. And that they are walking or running enough to burn the necessary calories. If necessary, buy a toy that will keep them active even at home.

Clean and white

The care of your pet’s teeth is very thorough as your own. Brush them with special products for them and do it from puppies so they get used to it. In the case of dogs, give only raw cow bones and cartilages. Do not give him your candies.

Keep them Hydrated

Make sure your pets always have clean, fresh water at their reach. And wash their dishes regularly. This way you will avoid infections in the urinary tract. Which are very common but preventable.

Ticks and fleas out

The periodic cleaning is fundamental, both for the pet and for the place where it sleeps. A special lotion to avoid these dangers. Check the fur, the neck, the inner thighs, pads of his feet and ears.


Keep away clothing or any object that can nibble or scratch like the inevitable shoes. Be careful if your pet is bored and you have done nothing to remedy it. Although this behavior also has other explanations. In the case of boredom, you can solve it with interactive toys that keep them busy even when you have to leave the house. Of course, none will replace you, like your favorite entertainment and company.

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