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    Human Interference in Biodiversity, Is the Origin of Pandemics

    The appearance of the novel Coronavirus, that has already killed more than 180,000 people on the planet, originates in the animal kingdom and is...

    Tourism Despite The Coronavirus

    people with masks at the airport the coronavirus don´t stop tourism

    Be Careful: A Bacterium that Attacks the Most Defenseless

    Hidden without any control and also prepared to attack at any time. Not to mention that in addition to this, it has a great...

    Care for a Happy Pet

    Owning a pet entails several duties. The care goes beyond food and hygiene. These furry ones ask for daily attention. And not only do...

    Proper Care for Having Happier Pets

    Owning pets include several duties. Their care goes beyond providing food and hygiene. These hairy companions ask for daily attention, both in quality-time and...

    The Incredible Power of Proteins for Our Body!

    It should be noted that proteins are fundamental for our health, giving value to their important plastic function since they constitute 80% of the...
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