Canada Announced a Family Reunification Program for Latin America

    There will be facilities to find work and education for the family

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    As if it were an adhesion to the United States and its immigration policies, Canada recently announced a program that will allow the reunification of families of citizens and residents in the country.  As discussed at a press conference, this would be just one of the many measures planned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which would be aimed at providing a more accessible way for loved ones to reunite on Canadian soil.

    This new program in Canada will have a broad scope, allowing the reunification of a variety of family members, including children, grandchildren, spouses, partners, parents, grandparents and siblings of Canadian citizens or legal residents.

    A new humanitarian pathway

     “Today I announce that, as part of this commitment to welcome 15,000 migrants from the Americas, Canada will welcome up to 11,000 Colombians, Haitians and Venezuelans through a new humanitarian pathway for permanent residence,” said Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller. .

     According to the Canadian official, those who manage to qualify for the program after an evaluation of their candidatures will receive permission to immediately travel to Canada, where they will be granted work permits, allowing them to begin their lives in the country productively.

    Offered enhanced services

     “Selected applicants will be offered enhanced services prior to their arrival, including a job skills assessment and referral to a settlement provider organization in the destination community.  More detailed information will be available closer to the launch of the new road,” the minister commented.

     Miller indicated when the tentative date would be for Colombians, Haitians and Venezuelans to be able to quickly reunite with their families.  “Starting this fall, Colombian, Haitian and Venezuelan foreigners located in Central, South America or the Caribbean who have extended family connections in Canada will be eligible to apply for this new pathway”, he stated.

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