Biologists Find a Mysterious Creature in the Deep Waters of Costa Rica

    After several seconds of analyzing the rare creature, they realized that it was a "pelican eel" also known as "devouring eel"

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    In the “OctoOdyssey” expedition carried out by the Schmidt Ocean Institute, marine biologists had a curious encounter with a “strange” marine creature that swam in the deep waters of the Costa Rican Pacific coast.

    A video published by the institution captured the long and thin species that moved on the seabed and that “seemed to explode”. After several seconds of analyzing the rare creature, they realized that it was a “pelican eel” also known as “devouring eel”.

    Fascinating discovery

    “While surfacing from the last dive of the OctoOdyssey expedition, ROV (remotely operated vehicle) Subastian encountered what we believe to be a gourmet eel that it had eaten very recently. The Saccopharynxampullaceus, are also known as “pelican eels” for the ability to expand their throat and stomach into a huge ball similar to a balloon to swallow squid or swarms of shrimp, “explained the Schmidt Ocean Institute on their social networks. “They have been seen ‘inflating’ their mouths, but this is the first time we believe anyone has had an encounter so soon after a meal”, the entity added.

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