When is the Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica?

    Know the Climatic Characteristics of the Costa Rican Territory

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    When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is famous for its natural landscapes, its beaches of crystal clear water and white sand, the warmth of its people, apart from being a country that has no army. In other words, it is an ideal place for carrying out adventure activities without equal.

    If you live outside of Costa Rica and want to get information about this beautiful country, it will surely interest you to know what the best time to travel here is. We will try to guide you regarding this matter.

    Costa Rica is a small country in Central America. Curiously, being such a small country does not prevent it from having a very diverse climate depending on the area of the country you want to go. That is to say, depending on your preferences when visiting Costa Rica, you will have the best time to visit it.

    Costa Rica, despite its size, has many geographical regions.
    Regions of Costa Rica

    It is important to bear in mind that Costa Rica is a country where it rains throughout the entire year. This circumstance does not become a problem since they are usually relatively pleasant rains. This is what allows having the greenest aspect that the country maintains throughout the year.

    However, it has no dry and wet season, like other countries in the area. With this in mind, we can better understand how Costa Rica behaves, climatologically speaking.

    Temperatures are usually kept fairly stable throughout the year; warm during the day and with a decrease at night, without ever reaching 14 C° degrees. Despite this, the coolest people can choose to wear a light jacket for the coldest nights.

    Except in the high mountainous zones (up to 700 meters of altitude), in which the descent of temperature is greater -being able to be even 7 C° degrees in zones like those of the Irazú Volcano and the summits of the Chirripó Hill.

    The best time to visit the Central Valley zone of Costa Rica

    The area of the Central Valley, including its capital San José, is better known as “La Eterna Primavera” (in English, the “eternal spring season”). This denomination is due to the green color of its forests and its temperate and pleasant temperature during the day.

    Central valley is one of the most attractive zone to live in Costa Rica.
    Central Valley – Costa Rica

    The higher the height with respect to sea level, the greater the probability of rain as well as the lower temperature, especially at night. The rains are unpredictable, they occur almost all the year, which allows that forests have an aspect of unequaled beauty.

    When is better to travel to the beach areas in Costa Rica? 

    If you want to enjoy the best Costa Rican beaches, we have 2 main options:

    The best time to travel to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

    Like most Central American countries in the coastal zones of the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica has 2 clearly differentiated stations:

    Pacific coastal beaches of Costa Rica are simply spectacular.
    Pacific Coast beach in Costa Rica

    The wet season is one that runs from the months of June to November. It is the time when there is more rain throughout the year in Costa Rica. These precipitations can be stormy in the months of September and October. In addition, it is a favorable season for stronger winds that attracts surfers at this time of year.

    The dry season is the one from December to May. It is the time when it rains least, although in this season occasional showers can be received at the end of the day. However, these are pleasant rains that refresh the environment and that locals and visitors appreciate.

    The best time to travel to the Caribbean Sea coasts of Costa Rica

    The temperature throughout the year is around 25 degrees Celsius and, contrary to what you observe in the Pacific zone, in the Caribbean coasts there are no significant differences between the dry season and the wet season. Although there is a time when the rains are somewhat more abundant, this usually coincides with the months from October to February.

    Costa Rican Caribbean zone is extraordinary in natural beauty.
    Costa Rican Caribbean beach

    Interestingly, these rains usually have a similar behavior with sunny and warm days, and at the end of the afternoon it becomes cloudy and can leave discharges. The month of July is also a month prone to rains.

    Now that you know the weather characteristics of Costa Rica, the decision to select the best time to travel to this tropical paradise will depend on your personal preference. Bon voyage!!

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