Best Colleges in Costa Rica

Are you looking to study abroad and don’t know where to go? This article is just for you. Who says studying abroad is a bad option? Maybe you are not interested in studying abroad, but just want to write an essay on the best universities in Costa Rica, This list will also be helpful. You are in the right place. Just search online for college essay examples and don’t forget to always run your essay through a plagiarism checker free like Studymoose to check for plagiarism in your work. Costa Rica is actually a wonderful study destination. This amazing country offers you with what you can refer to as the canon definition of true education: quality, comprehensive and facilitative.

Aside from the fact that you’ll enjoy an education that is relatively okay, you’ll also get to learn in a friendly and comfortable environment. The vibrant culture, as well as people, thick forests, wildlife, sunny beaches, and other scenic sights in this lovely country, are what you stand to enjoy.

In the past few years, Costa Rica has usually been considered by many, in actual fact, as one of the best places to go for educational pilgrimage. This is because the colleges there are more affordable. They also offer different academic programs that you can apply for, with scholarship opportunities available for interantional students.

Universidad de Costa Rica (University of Costa Rica)

Like I mentioned earlier, this is one of the best colleges in the nation. It is ranked Number 1 in Costa Rica and 18th amongst Latin American Universities.

Aside from the fact that it is the highest public university in the country, UCR is also the oldest. It takes new applicants yearly, even more than other universities in the rich coastal nation. Costa Rica University has its main site in its capital, San José. Other campus sites are located in San Pedro, San Ramon and some other provinces of the Latin American state.

UCR has six key academic divisions, namely,

  • Arts and Letters
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Basic Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences

There are also postgraduate programs available for those looking to apply for graduate degrees – masters and doctorate. It is also a good place for academic and scientific research.

Universidad Nacional Costa Rica (National University of Costa Rica)

This is the second best public university after UCR. It offers a range of academic programs which you can apply for as an interational student.

The main campus of UNA is located in Heredia, a province famous for its coffee, welcoming atmosphere, culture, and imperial buildings.

Just like UCR, this college also has multiple campuses in different provinces of the country. And in contrast with UCR, it only has five academic areas, which are;

  • Philosophy and Letters
  • Exact and Natural Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Land and Sea

Under these five areas are different departments and schools for different courses and programs.

This school is known for its stronghold in education, humanities and social science. And, it offers a number of different postgraduate programs for graduates and academics.

Universidad EARTH (EARTH University)

If you want to major in agriculture, this is a school you should enroll in. EARTH is a non-profit college that offers Licenciatura undergraduate degrees in agricultural sciences (this falls in between the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees). It is also distinct from the Licenciatura degrees of other institutions that run for five years because this one only runs for four.

This University is also located in the capital, in the city of Giacomo, Limon. It’s education principles are based on experience and a learning-centered approach to learning. Earth also offers Spanish learning programs to international students.

Earth is a good place for agricultural research and investigations. The University seriously frowns on plagiarism, so as a researcher in Earth, it’s good to always use a plagiarism checker free to check for plagiarism in your papers, to avoid academic sanctions.

There you have it! The three top-ranking colleges in Costa Rica.

If you want to learn Spanish, these schools are a good place to go to learn. Like I said earlier, you’ll get the “canon definition” of what true education is by attending these schools. You will be able to learn quickly and in student-friendly situations and environments.

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