Benefits Of Exporting Costa Rica Energy Questionable

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    San Jose [TCRN] – The export of energy qualifies as a “national interest” says Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), but several organizations think generating power for sale to other countries is questionable, as it will be at the expense of our natural resources and benefit few.

    Neighboring Central American countries that use electricity produced from fossil fuels can purchase Costa Rica hydroelectricity cheaper.

    ICE says environmental issues are not a concern, as only surplus would be sold and no new plants would be created for export.

    The question is who makes the profits? The original intention was that private generators could make bilateral agreements with companies outside the country. Selling cheap energy from Costa Rican natural resources to countries that turn around and resell for a profit is only good business for the private company selling the energy and the resellers, but does not seem to benefit the average Costa Rican in any way, unless ICE was to spread the profit by reducing local rates, which seems unlikely.

    Further there are communities here in Costa Rica that still lack even basic service. This deal does not help those communities in anyway.

    The Costa Rica News
    San Jose Costa Rica

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