Beautiful Pre-Columbian Spheres in Puntarenas Surprises Ticos

    There have been innumerable discoveries in Costa Rica at rivers and forests. Rocks in various forms, mainly spheres, have been fascinating to everyone, for their authentic beauty and for the history they carry...

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    In Costa Rica, the discovery of man-made spheres in their various forms is still fascinating, they have a wealth of history and presence. From The Costa Rica News, we have emphasized the investigations that have been carried out in the country in different areas on them.

    Images of a rock similar to a pre-Columbian sphere in a river at Las Vegas de Chánguena in Buenos Aires de Puntarenas were recently known through the networks. In this regard, residents of the area consider that the strong current of the river probably took it out and dragged it to the point where it can be seen. Also, there are Ticos who keep insisting that the rock be studied and transferred to some significant site in this community, such as the school.

    It is that Costa Rica’s wealth of discoveries is impressive, because a short time ago, at the end of 2022, a so-called indigenous settlement was discovered, which emerges from the dense forest in Turrubares, within the Carara National Park.

    The investigation was through laser mapping, studies and excavations, coordinated by the archaeologist Yahaira Núñez and the geologist Paulo Ruiz, from the University of Costa Rica (UCR), along with other researchers. These secrets of the archaeological site date between 800 and 1,500 AD. near the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica.

    The researchers highlighted that what was observed in the Turrubares forest is of great scientific potential as it reveals how our ancestors built, worked and lived among stone and straw habitats and ceramic vessels.

    We are talking about a large number of metates or grinding stones discovered in the excavations that lead to the conclusion that they were for large-scale food processing, including corn. Certain tools, as well as botanical remains, indicate that cultivation work was also carried out.

    The place is actually called “Lomas Entierros” and it had been investigated since 1986, according to current analysis, it has a very different design from other archaeological sites in Costa Rica.

    Tica archaeologist

    Previously, in conversations we have had with the archaeologist Ifigenia Quintanilla, who has made books about her studies in areas of Costa Rica and also works in the country’s National Museum, as she has expressed that the indigenous people have been the artists of the famous spheres.

    In 30 years of investigations, we are aware that in the Central American country there are 4 archaeological sites with spheres included as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    The spheres: sign of distinction in the Boruca indigenous people

    Archaeologists from the country have determined that the spheres were a sign of distinction among the Boruca indigenous people and other chiefdom societies of the Diquís Delta (in Buenos Aires and Osa).

    Finally, they make it clear that the spheres have been found since 1939, especially in areas that were being deforested by banana companies and other agricultural companies. Many of the sphere-shaped rocks found have a diameter of between 7 centimeters and 2.66 meters, with a weight of up to 16 tons.


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