Investigations Continue On Pre-Columbian Spheres In Costa Rica

    Another discovery has emerged and there is no doubt that the Central American country hides great treasures

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    In Costa Rica, another enigmatic pre-Columbian stone sphere was recently found in perfect condition. It was the workers of a farm located in the south of the country, to be specific Farm 12 in Palmar Sur de Osa, Puntarenas province, who discovered the sphere that measures approximately 1.23 meters in diameter. The piece was found, while they were preparing an internal path. The sphere was buried and protruded slightly on the surface, it had been covered with earth from a nearby channel.

    It is worth noting that this area is recognized for its archaeological wealth and for housing these authentic sculptures, yes, unique in the world, that date between 300 and 1,500 AD, that is why since 1940 it has been visited by specialists on the subject (archaeologists).

    Amazing specialists

    Some time ago, in an exclusive interview with Ifigenia Quintanilla, Archaeologist at the Museum of Costa Rica, told TCRN that the spheres vary in size “from a few centimeters to more than two meters in diameter and density from a few kilograms to tons”. The perfection of its forms never ceases to amaze specialists, who continue to investigate its meaning and use, although astronomical, social and artistic purposes are pointed out.

    Meanwhile, the report from the Museum of Costa Rica, stated that in addition to the sphere, the presence of river stones that had been removed from their original site to build drainage ditches was observed in the surroundings.

    These stones were part of a pre-Columbian structure that could be the base of houses or cobblestones. Additionally, a large amount of fragmented ceramic material and some remains of stone tools were found, all of the above reflects the presence of an ancient indigenous settlement.

    Representatives of the National Museum of Costa Rica, propose to preserve the sphere in its place and carry out investigations that allow a better understanding of the archaeological environment and design actions for conservation and cultural management.

    World heritage site

    Ifigenia Quintanilla, Archaeologist of the Museum, who for several years has been in charge of investigating everything related to the spheres, emphasized in our previous article, that these indigenous sculptures are a world heritage site thanks to UNESCO.

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