Banning the Use of Gas and Hydrocarbons Would be a Historical Mistake in Costa Rica

    Affirms the College of Geologists

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    The College of Geologists of Costa Rica expressed its opposition to the bill that seeks to prohibit the exploitation of oil and natural gas in the country. The union claims that the country should explore its natural resources rather than prohibit it.

    “In times of world crisis like the current one, to neglect the productive potential of our resources for the benefit of the people is to irresponsibly cause hunger, misery and overload the people with irrational and unnecessary taxes,” says the professional association in a statement. The union members even compared this possible ban with that of open-pit mining.

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    Controversial matter

    Previously, the same group asserted that Costa Rica has exploitable oil fields in the Caribbean area. At least 14 wells could be exploited, explained the College at that time, after Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, former Minister of the Environment of the current administration, denied that there was evidence of the existence of this resource in the country.

    At the moment the project has not been voted on in Congress, at the request of several deputies that the initiative be returned to the Environment Commission for a more exhaustive analysis, mainly in the paragraphs that allow the Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery to exploit biofuels.

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