Ayahuasca, The Master Plant That Teaches Us To Live

    Where the accompaniment and preparation of the individual who shares the medicine plays a fundamental role

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    We live based on select fictions. Our vision of reality is conditioned by our position in space and time – not by our personalities, as we would like to think. In this way, each interpretation of reality is based on a unique position.

    We all have the possibility of changing ourselves –not the partner, the family, etc.–, it can also be seen that we are not really changing, we are simply going back to being what we have always been and we were forgetting. For this to happen, we must ask ourselves if we are willing to let go of what ties us to what we call reality: family and social programming, self-deception, etc.

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    Shamanism is intrinsic in our nature, because it is our instinct, we became domesticated animals; we are forgetting ourselves and our nature. The word Shaman comes from Siberia and means: “the one who sees hidden realities in the dark”; This ties in very well with the Ayahuasca ceremonies, which begin at night (darkness) to conclude with the first rays of the sun (light).

    In working with the shadow we can discover the true dimension of our being, because we integrate it with the light and from there a complete being emerges, like yin and yang: our inner God emerges. It is said that shamans do not work alone, but together with spiritual allies who guide them in providing what the patient needs.

    The master plant

    Ayahuasca is a master plant because it teaches us, but we can also consider that it is a medicine and a tool. It is a medicine because it helps us heal the wounds of the heart and helps to accommodate our thoughts. It is a tool because it supports, in a significant way, in the advancement of the therapeutic process, if the therapeutic process is not carried out, it provides us with pieces of the puzzle of life. It is not a “magic cure”, it opens the door for you but it is up to you to go through it or not.

    What do visions under the effects of Ayahuasca tell us about ourselves?

    There are two ways of interpreting visions, the psychological part tells us about what we have within ourselves; puts the neurosis: ego, self-definition of the “I”, etc., on the table so that you can observe and work on it. From the shamanic vision he is showing the worlds that are beyond reason –color mandalas that move at least in three dimensions–, The Spirit (God, Buddha, etc.), the instinct (the visions of animals), the truth, etc. The important thing is to identify in each person what they mean. There is a fine line between the visions that spring from the desires of the unconscious and what medicine is teaching us, without a good guide you can confuse this.

    What are the differences between Ayahuasca and Yagé?

    Yagé is masculine (Grandfather) and it is the preparation that they do in Colombia; Ayahuasca is feminine (Grandmother) and it is the preparation that they do in Peru and Brazil. The name Ayahuasca is the most popular worldwide.

    With prior preparation, the worst that can happen is that the person resists what Ayahuasca is showing and may enter into crisis; This is where the accompaniment and preparation of the individual who shares the medicine plays a fundamental role.


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