At 70 Years Old, a Resident of San Carlos Fulfills His Dream of Graduating at the UCR

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    It is never too late to fulfill a dream! And that is confirmed by Mr. Luis Vicente Miranda Bermúdez who last Tuesday, at 70 years old, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Distance Learning English issued by the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

    According to a note from the San Carlos Digital medium, which made the story known, Don Luis, who is a teacher by profession, is a lover of study, which is why he decided to start studying English 13 years ago when the UCR opened the course. “I started taking it, one went to classes one week and the other week I received virtual, I stayed there but it was not the priority due to my age and then sometimes I did not enroll because I also had to attend to my responsibilities. In the end, because I was persistent, I finished the course and graduated”, Miranda Bermúdez declared to the media.

    In fact, Don Luis, who is this resident of the San Martín neighborhood in Ciudad Quesada, was a pioneer in teaching English in some university centers in the canton, although at that time he did it empirically and out of innocence.

    For Miranda, his story is an example that it can be done and he hopes to serve as a motivation for many people. “This is showing that the myths of old age are not true. They say that old people are useless, but it has been shown in society that old people are useful. The idea is to never allow the myths or negative beliefs of old age to become reality in our lives”, said the recent graduate.

    He overcame many obstacles and fought for his dreams

    At the age of 14, Don Luis began his working life, finished his high school studies at a night school and studied a bit of Agronomy at a school that operated for 6 years. The knowledge he acquired served him to work as a salesman of veterinary products.

    He then worked on a banana farm and in 1977 began working as a teacher of the subject of Agriculture at the school in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí. He eventually earned a degree in elementary education and curriculum. He remained in that educational center for a space of 15 years. Then his foster mother got sick, forcing him to move to Ciudad Quesada. “There is no problem with gray hair if you put your mind to it. As Proverbs 16:31 says, Gray hair is a splendid crown full of glory”, Don Luis concluded.

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