AreYou Looking for Wi-Fi Networks to Connect and not Spend Your Data? Before You Do, take these Precautions

    Companies, public institutions, restaurants, study centers and in friend`s houses there are Wi-Fi internet networks, but...

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    Companies, public institutions, restaurants, study centers and in our friend`s houses there are Wi-Fi internet networks to which Ticousers try to connect to avoid wasting mobile data, or to achieve better browsing conditions.

    This technology allows wireless internet connection and eliminates wiring. Since its launch, it has changed the world and the lives of hundreds of communities.However, these networks are the gate through which the good condition of the devices or the security of private information could be compromised.

    World Wi-Fi Day

    This June 20th is World Wi-Fi Day, an initiative that was born from the technology sector to commemorate its benefits.And also to remember some ways in which it can be used without becoming a problem in itself.

    Not be a vulnerable user

    “You cannot ignore the fact that as new spaces arrive, you must have the necessary conditions to not be a vulnerable user and face inconveniences that expose our equipment and data,” said the general manager of the digital security company SolucionesSeguras, Joey Milgram.Data shared by said company indicates that in January 2023, 64.5% of the world population was an Internet user. This translates to about 5.16 billion people.

    In Costa Rica almost 90% of people are Internet users

    “Wireless networks are used by criminals to commit fraud, both technological and through social engineering,” said Instacredit’s regional manager of Operational Risk, Pablo Rojas.

    Some useful advices

    • Avoid connecting to unknown networks. If necessary, validate the name of the establishment or place and make sure they have a strong password
    • Keep an eye out for catchy or interesting names like Free Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Awards, etc.
    • It is not convenient to connect to networks that ask for your personal data or additional permissions
    • Be sure to keep your Wi-Fi router up to date with the latest firmware.
    • Protect your network with strong encryption like WPA2 or WPA3 to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your network
    • If you share your network with frequent guests, consider setting up a separate guest network to ensure your devices are protected
    • Make sure your device has up-to-date antivirus
    • Create passwords with a high level of security for your network
    • If you connect to a public network, consider using a virtual private network (VPN), which encrypts your connection and protects your data.
    • Use validation mechanisms to carry out financial procedures, such as Token, OTP, facial recognition, electronic signature, etc.
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