An Appeal Is Presented In Costa Rica for Protection Against Compulsory Anticovid Vaccination Of Minors

    It is claimed that there are no technical studies to support this decision and concerns about side effects

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    A father of four minors filed an appeal against the anticovid vaccination declared mandatory for those under 18 years of age. The process was presented this weekend “in favor of their children” indicating that the health authorities lack technical studies that guarantee that minors will not have serious side effects and adds that this decision violates “the principle of being linked to the science and technology ”.

    Arcelio Hernández is a lawyer and has five children, four of them are minors between the ages of four and 15, whom he rules out vaccinating. The appeal presented is processed under file 21-022502-0007-CO and it is not the only one in process, since the Constitutional Chamber confirmed that they have received many more; however, the full data is not yet available.

    “We do not believe that the studies have been done in Costa Rica to see the convenience of this,” said Hernández.The lawyer told that months ago one of his minor children was infected with Covid-19 and that he had a fever for a few days.

    No evidence

    “There are no scientific studies that justify why the vaccine should be mandatory, this is done in a hurry and now we are going to see how the Vaccination Commission will justify this decision before the Constitutional Chamber in case they admit the appeal presented”, Hernandez said.

    The father of the family indicated that no decree can be above the law and for that reason a greater analysis is requested on the decision announced by the Ministry of Health and that adults be allowed to make the decision about their children in the case of this vaccine against Covid-19.


    The previous Friday it was announced that the anticovid vaccine will be mandatory for minors and that parents who oppose this decision will be criminally denounced.According to the Health authorities and the National Children’s Trust (PANI), the decision is made under the General Health Law and the Childhood and Adolescence Code.

    It is added that the vaccine is mandatory because, since the previous March, it was declared as part of the basic vaccination scheme.“Parents or legal representatives have the responsibility that the compulsory vaccination of minors is carried out in a timely manner.

    “For children under 12 years of age, the Government manages the purchase of vaccines by 2022. Recently the United States Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) authorized the emergency use of the vaccine against covid-19 to boys and girls from five to 11 years old. The logistics of applying these pediatric vaccines for this group will be communicated prior to the availability of the doses in the national territory”, indicated the authorities.


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    1. consider signing an online to mandatory vaccinations for the corona virus link its a worldwide petition it can be signed and reshared from any country in the world including costa rica….it can also be found on facebook and on my wall

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