Costa Rica Registers a Decrease in The Contagion Rate of Covid-19

    The country is experiencing a relief in the behavior of the Pandemic

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    Costa Rica registered a decrease in the contagion rate of Covid-19, going from 0.84 to 0.80 in the last week, which is considered a significant drop, according to the latest report from the Universidad Hispanoamericana.

    The new report from “A Pandemic in Perspective from the Research Coordination” revealed the country is experiencing a relief in the behavior of the Pandemic, which is still going through a plateau of ups and downs.

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    Not out of the woods

    “There are reasons to feel less distressed, but the ominous scenario is still not completely clear and we will have to wait longer to think that the night is behind us. No one can still be careless and claim victory, since there is still a long way to go before the Pandemic is over and lose sight of it,” said epidemiologist Evans Meza.

    According to the data, the epidemiological week from October 3 to 9 showed a decrease in the average number of daily cases with 1,295, unlike the previous week which was 1,715, which represents 26.04% less. This drop had an impact on the incidence rate that ranged from 339.1 to 250.8 per million inhabitants.

    “Another distinguished fact to point out is that the reproduction index or contagion rate, for the second time in a row showed values ​​lower than 1 in all provinces of the country,” Evans said.

    In addition, the death rate from Covid-19 stands at 3.78 per 100,000 inhabitants, making the country among the 20 countries with the highest rates worldwide, according to the report.

    “With regard to mortality rate, this time we dropped to 12th place, which indicates that we still have a high mortality rate from Covid-19, being above the United States, Jamaica, Mexico and Cuba,” said Evans Meza.

    Official statistics also show a decline in hospitalizations in the last two weeks, but have warned that hospitals still maintain high occupancy levels, especially in intensive care units.

    Data from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund indicate that 82% of the population over 12 years of age, which is the one being vaccinated in the country, has at least one dose against covid-19, while 56% It has the two doses that complete the scheme.


    The Government announced this week that as of December 1st, the vaccination certificate against Covid-19 will be a requirement to enter various commercial establishments. In addition, from this Friday, vaccination is mandatory for public employees and private employers are empowered to demand it from their workers.

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