An Advice for You: Enjoy today, Time Goes by Too Quickly

    Do not avoid the present, today you have the great responsibility to enjoy every moment that life allows you to be in this world

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     Have you ever stopped to look at an hourglass?  If you’ve noticed, he represents the impermanence of life itself.  He gives us a valuable message that, due to the worries of our busy schedules, we have not been able to understand.

     An hourglass, like no other way of timing time, reminds us that the present is to be made the most of, otherwise we will remain ‘bitter’ between the past and a future that is still uncertain.

     What should I talk about? 

    That the present time is precious and limited; hence the importance of taking advantage of it wisely and consciously.Think about it!  Perhaps your excessive and unnecessary worry about the things of tomorrow do not allow you to fully enjoy the wonderful days you are experiencing.

     The hectic tasks, stress, anxiety and desire to have more money or more power, in addition to living thinking about the future, are preventing you from enjoying each day.

    Don’t self-sabotage or let others hold you back!

    Don’t let problems, lack of resources, work and other worries sabotage your every sunrise or keep you from the blessing of being alive. If you want to do something, don’t leave it for tomorrow.  Do not think that there is another better opportunity to fulfill that desire, because today it is the only real thing that is within your reach; Tomorrow who knows if it will come.

    Be careful

    The good things that existence offers you can only be tasted at the moment in which you let go of the past and allow your personality to bring out all its splendor and potential.

     No matter how old you are today, remember that you are in the best moment to get the most out of your life and it will never be too late to do everything you set your mind to. I reiterate that you must take advantage of the wonder of each sunrise and enjoy the joy of breathing.

    Don’t let the days pass in vain!

    You must be more practical with the things in your world and act in the direction that best suits you, without letting the turns that events take direct your steps.  In addition, it is good that you do not get carried away by routine or busy roads.

     Learn to be here, without worrying about the past or the future.  Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations without forgetting to thank God for allowing you to enjoy his blessings.

    Short reflections

     There are those who adhere to the most negative stereotype of old age and others who, although they ‘rejoice’ in being young, do nothing to stay well.  Being or feeling like an older adult?  And before that: What does it mean to be old?  I believe that everything is in the mind and you are as young as you want.

     Wealth is built first in the mind and then in the pocket.  Exercise in the supreme art of positive thinking and then get to work to ensure your stability.  If you do so, money will not be a cause of anguish or worry; On the contrary, he will come into your hands in abundance.

     Dedicate enough time to the project you have in hand with perseverance and you will be able to crystallize it.  Do not worry about anticipating the result, because the purpose you are working on will come to a successful conclusion in God’s time.  Have patience!

     Do not start activities in things that do not motivate you, as this will make them heavier and less likely to succeed.  Try to work on the things that really fulfill you and make you feel fulfilled.  Remember that everything in life is a matter of rhythm: sometimes you move forward and other times you go backwards.

     Today’s Case

     Testimony: “I am a 34-year-old man and I tell you that those who know me say that ‘I have not learned to be serious.’  The truth is that I feel that I must assume that ‘personal power’ that others have to be able to face difficult moments.  I would like him to explain to me, in his words, what must be done to mature.  Thank you”.

     Answer: Maturity, at its core, is a spiritual process that requires common sense, courage and a large dose of determination.It is like an internal journey in which you must face your fears, correct your mistakes and embrace your authenticity.

     Therefore, you must give that ‘personal value’ that you speak of to your world and, in that sense, it will be necessary to recognize that spiritual growth often involves leaving your ‘comfort zone’.

     Maturing is understanding that you have to accept life as it comes and, to the extent possible, face difficult situations, beyond what you have to assume.Live each moment without placing many requirements on it and without many value judgments, but rather assuming it as an experience that God grants you, and that will allow you to learn in the long evolutionary process that it represents for your own existence.

    Maturing involves facing situations, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, with better management of your emotions, with more stillness and inner peace.Accepting is not resigning, it is knowing what is in your power to do and what is beyond your capabilities.

     If you make this attitude of thoughtful acceptance something constant in your actions, very soon destiny will reward you and give you the most pleasant rewards. In this way, you will be able to live full of joys and purposes that will take you wherever you decide to go.  And the best thing is that, if you have faith, the path to your personal fulfillment will be completely clear.  God bless you.

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