An Adventure On A Catamaran Sailing From The Bahamas To Costa Rica

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    In today’s society full of holiday makers and people who want to venture to various parts of the world, there is an overwhelming pressure to visit as many places as possible throughout your life. Although the all-inclusive holiday has always been popular among holiday goers, people are now beginning to deviate from booking this type of holiday as they are increasingly viewing it as quite restrictive and limiting. Instead, people are recognising the benefits of chartering a yacht or a sailboat as an alternative type of holiday. In fact, currently as there is an estimated $1.5million boats in the USA alone, individuals considering going on this type of holiday are spoilt for choice.

    Firstly, sailing around places is considered the best way to get around different tourist spots without the hassle of having to trek back and forth to your accommodation. There is no better way for tourists to tick several things off of their bucket list at once. Plus, with the option to have an onboard crew and captain they can avail of the best advice in terms of what locations to visit next. From private beaches to the best bars and clubs, it is more than likely that your captain will be able to steer you in the right direction. Another reason for this surge in popularity for a catamaran charter in the Bahamas is due to the simple and straightforward booking process. Companies like BorrowaBoat have incorporated modern technology so that people can simply choose their vessel of choice and book it with ease without having to go to a travel agency. Choosing reputable sites like these when chartering a yacht is also recommend in order to ensure that the booking process is both safe and secure.

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    Many people opt to sail throughout the Bahamas on a catamaran

    While there are many different types of yachts and sailboats that you can pick from, the Catamaran is one that is steadily rising in its appeal. Catamarans’ parallel hulls create reliable form stability which means that the boat is less likely to heel or capsize. On top of this, it stabilises the speed of the vessel and the stability of the Catamaran ensures that the passengers will be less likely to get seasick. This type of vessel is also spacious which means there is plenty of space to socialise and bond with friends and family. This is because two separate hulls of a catamaran can often actually provide up to double the amount of space than a monohull can.

    When securing a suitable yacht or boat to charter on your vacation, it is equally as important to choose a suitable cruise destination to visit as well as a proper route to follow. One of the most popular cruise destinations for tourists is the Bahamas for an idyllic, fun filled and thrilling holiday experience. More specifically, Harbour Island is well renowned for being a beautiful destination with plenty of opportunities for taking stunning pictures beside palm trees or on its stunning sandy beaches. Beaches like Pink Sand Beach on this Island give tourists the chance to engage in water sports like swimming and snorkelling. For tourists wanting to visits the Bahamas and its surrounding areas it is probably easier to work your way down the Bahamas and the Islands using ´The Thornless Path¨as a guide. This illustrated manual of instructions for specific passages and harbours down islands provides maps, GPS coordinates and sketch maps as well as a cruising guide.

    Caribbean cruises are also popular amongst many sailing enthusiasts. One of the first things to consider to whether to pick the eastern or western Caribbean as well as the period of time you want to spend in these locations. The majority of` cruise travellers select a 7-day Caribbean cruise for their first experience at sea which gives cruise travelers the opportunity to see more places and become adjusted to life on a cruise ship. Many people prefer to spend 7 days as opposed to shorter 3/4 day trips as it is more pricey and also may not give tourists enough time to indulge in the culture fully and see specific sites. In Costa Rica, places like the Whale’s Tail at Playa Uvita attracts hundreds of tourists every year as it is one of the only two national marine parks in the country. A large part of the allurement to this site is the fact that its outline resembles that of a whales tail and can be glimpsed from many  angles. The surrounding areas also has a myriad of bars and restaurants which offers tourists the chance to soak up the culture and sample the local cuisine. Those interested in natural sites can visit the Arenal Volcano which is an active volcano in Costa Rica which is surrounded by scenic mountains, rivers and lakes giving tourists plenty of opportunity to explore and become acquainted with nature.

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    In summary, in recent years the tourist industry has witnessed a shift in the amount of people preferring sailing holidays as opposed to traditional types of holidays. With many tourists desiring to visit man locations and sites at once, they are now choosing to reap the benefits of sailing a vessel like a Catamaran through locations like The Bahamas and Costa Rica. In the future, we should witness an increasing demand for these types of vacations as the global population is becoming more adventurist and wanting to step outside of their comfort zone.

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