American Musician Pays Tribute to Costa Rica

    Composing his song: "Solo en Costa Rica"

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    Darin Talbot is an American musician who has lived in Costa Rica for ten years and dedicated himself to composing songs about the beauty of our country, its people and its places. Known as “Costa Man”, this lover of our country has now decided to once again pay tribute to our beauty and culture, but composing and singing himself in a “Tico” style.

    “Solo en Costa Rica” (Only in Costa Rica), is his most recent composition where he highlights the natural beauty of the country, the culture and the way of being of the Ticos. This time he uses colloquial phrases of the “Tico populace” such as “que bien mae, todo tuanis, pura vida” and in the middle of his tribute he makes a trip through different parts of the country with spectacular shots of all the provinces.

    In the “Tico” language

    “When he had composed his new song Solo en Costa Rica, several of his friends decided to collaborate and produce a video that was up to the task, because he really made a special effort to sing himself in our language, that is, in Tico,” commented the video’s producer, Marco Avalos Dittel, from Amtec Multimedia.

    “Based in a beautiful villa in the mountains of Ojochal in Puntarenas, called “Villa Candelilla”, they made the main recording and illustrated it with shots taken from all over Costa Rica, many of them from the air with a photographic drone”, Ávalos explained.

    Talbot, a native of California, that has lived in Guanacaste for years, assured that for a long time he has been waiting for the opportunity to write a song in Spanish, but more than in Spanish, in Tico language, which is a friendly and adorable, he emphasized.

    High-quality production

    Darin’s friends and colleagues, such as John Chantry and Ken Nickell, set up their recording studio (The Bamboo Room, in Ojochal) to create the highest quality audio. And other friends collaborated on additional scenes that helped complete the composition.

    Solo en Costa Rica has been published on YouTube on the artist’s channel since February 25th and to date it has already exceeded 60,000 views:

    with positive reactions from various parts of the world.

    In love with Costa Rica

    Talbot has been singing and writing songs about Costa Rica for over 10 years. In fact, his most famous song “Costa Man” was released in 2018 and has had around 1.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube. With this song Darin won an arts and culture award in Los Angeles in September 2018. In 2016, Darin released his popular album “Puravidaville” on iTunes.

    Talbot is originally from Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He was born in Malibu, California. First arriving in Costa Rica in 2001 when he and his brother planed the trip. The young artist fell in love with Costa Rica and returned several times until he began singing at The Springs Resort & Spa in La Fortuna. In 2012 he moved to Tamarindo where he has been very popular throughout Guanacaste singing his upbeat songs about the Costa Rican lifestyle.
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