International Musician’s Day, get in the Beat!

    A day to celebrate with a lot of rhythm

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    The International Musician’s Day is celebrated every November 22, to celebrate all those who in some way or another interact and know about music.

    Surely you have heard phrases like “the music inside” as reference to one of the most ancient and beautiful artistic expressions. According to each society, music is closely related to its culture.

    Music in prehistory

    Music has accompanied humanity for a long time. It has its roots in prehistory more than 30,000 thousand years ago when man tried to imitate the different sounds of nature, playing bone flute percussion instruments birimbaos. At that time, music had to do with mating rituals and collective work.

    The ancient world and music

    In the ancient world, in Egypt for example, music was intended for priests. In Greece it was of immeasurable value, forming part of its mythology; We even remember that Urtepe, one of the new muses, was the goddess of music.

    Another Orpheus character was capable of calming beasts with his Lyre. In Rome, music had a transcendental role in Roman theaters.

    When did the International Musician’s Day begin to be celebrated?

    It began in Ereux (Normandy) with a composers tournament, although its celebration as we know it today takes place since 1695 in Edinburgh (Scotland). From there it spread to other countries, including Spain, while Latin America has also been celebrated since 1920 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and from there to the rest of the countries.

    How is this day celebrated?

    Guitarra, Guitarrista, Música, Eléctrica

    It can be celebrated however you want, but always linked to music. In other words, we can play an instrument, go to see a concert by our favorite musician or participate as we can.

    In some institutions, talks and conferences can be dedicated to the figure of the musician in the history of mankind, from centuries ago to the present, a day to make culture and to remember the figure of musicians, always well understood for not being a profession quite well recognized.

    One day that music is recognized

    A day that is considered and given the leading role to great geniuses of music, because life without it would be a mistake.

    It is a date in which joy and entertainment combine in an atmosphere with a lot of rhythm.

    On the occasion of the celebration of this day we leave you some phrases that enhance the work of the musician.

    • “Musicians shouldn’t play music. Music should play with musicians.
    • “Musicians own music because music owns them”
    • “Music belongs to everyone. Only advertisers think they own it “
    • “Music constitutes a revelation higher than any philosophy”
    • “Music is the emotional life of most people”
    • “The only love story I had was with music”
    • “Something good about music when it hits you, you don’t feel the pain”
    • “Musicians want to be the loud voice for many silent hearts”
    • “The best musicians or artists are people who never consider themselves musicians or artists”

    Musicians when celebrating this day feel proud because they are the inspiring complement of the spirit, because it makes the soul elevate and the body dance to the beat of instrumental chords.

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