2021: “A Year of Changes And Unity”

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    “I recently saw a random video where the exponent said: “The woman does not need the man to make a baby, she does not need his sperm.” At first I thought: what an absurd conclusion. Perhaps we were not created men and women to reproduce, as in all animal species”.

    “After meditating on this, it did not seem so crazy, how absurd can it be? When the first evolutionary inventions of mankind occurred, innumerable expectations arose, example of this: when it was said that the earth was round, or when electricity was discovered”.

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    “When Stephen Hawking said that “the Universe was created out of nothing”, he already affirms that God did not create the Universe. We have started to think that if there are aliens from other galaxies, and they are of a higher level of consciousness, will they have intimacy to conceive a new member? or in what way do they do it? Or if they are pure energy, what is their purpose for existing? … many questions arise”.

    “Right, we are in the year 2021, beginning the Age of Aquarius, and there are infinite expectations since there is the belief that everything, absolutely everything is going to change, and that for that reason we must prepare ourselves to accept a new system of evolution, for which an “open mind” is recommended, and to flow like the wind, learn new tools that may be useful, especially in the technological and science part, which are constantly innovating to overcome the previous model or a better way of doing a procedure”. 

    “This is where we must take a deep breath, take into account all those people who somehow left the system of activities and who find it difficult to adapt to the novelty and those changes that may seem abrupt. Give them the opportunity to integrate, without making them feel stressed or depressed, because we are all important”.

    “It will be up to the younger generations to teach the older ones. This could be thought of as a new mission to do better, more positively, more love for what you do, for having better human relationships, with all family members including pets, with nature, and the environment”.

    Awakening to a new consciousness, to achieve a world in Unity, where we are all included, and let go of the divisions between human beings, Unity and integration to flow smoothly in the face of changes”.
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