Aesthetics Touch-ups that You Can Do Quickly and Easily

Ready for the summer? With the good weather, it's time to uncover: bikinis, shorts, and mini dresses leave many centimeters of skin exposed. Renew yourself with these techniques

More and more women take advantage of their summer vacation to do that aesthetic retouching that they have planned for months. It is what is known as cosmetic health tourism. That allows you to face the recovery stabilization process without a hurry.

The most common of all: Breast and Buttock lifts.

The push-up effect is now possible at the same time in both body areas that most concern women: breast and buttocks. This treatment consists of applying a trio of “nano waves” combined with the millennial Chinese technique of acupuncture that stimulates the metabolism of the areas to be treated, improving the firmness of both the deep and more superficial part of the skin tissue.

From the first sessions, breasts and buttocks will feel firmer. It is recommended at least ten sessions, however, the results will be noticeable from the sixth session. There are specialists who perform similar procedures based on massages with a technology called “Axent”. It requires between 5 and 6 sessions, but depending on the patient, more sessions may be necessary. The results are clear-cut, you will see the firmer and smoother bust and buttocks, without cellulite, and the most important of all without pain, anesthesia or injections.

Smooth abdomen liposuction without surgery.

Based on “high intensity focused ultrasound technology” (HIFU), liposculpture without surgery or “cavitation”, eliminates fatty tissue from the abdomen and sides, avoiding the retention problems that conventional liposuction causes in certain types of skin, such as flaccidity.

Medical CE non-surgical lipo body fat reduction korea high intensity focused ultrasound slimming hifu

It is a method without needles, fast and effective, that requires only one or two sessions without going through the operating room. The results are gradual and become more evident, progressively between two and four months after the beginning of the treatment, therefore springtime is ideal for undergoing this ultrasound liposculpture.

Keep in mind that cavitation is a very intensive and quite powerful treatment. Although some bruises may appear, you can immediately carry on with your regular life. If you practice sports or go to the gym, take some time off before resuming your activities to avoid possible impacts on the abdominal areas.

Aesthetic Intralotherapy Technique.

It is the only non-surgical treatment that eliminates clusters of fat permanently. With a single application, a solution is injected that destroys the cells of the adipose tissue in a controlled way, liquefying and eliminating them naturally through the lymphatic system.

After the injection, a bruise may appear that disappears after a few days. It is indicated for eliminating localized fat that does not disappear by other methods.  However, it is not indicated or advisable in case of obesity or overweight. No weight is lost, only some fat is eliminated. This procedure can be done only by trained health practitioners.

Get rid of invisible varicose veins with a laser.

Glycerin, microfoam laser injections or vascular surgery with laser fiber are the most recent techniques for the treatment of varicose veins that have been developed. In addition to the aesthetic problem, these venous dilatations (which can appear by age, exposure to heat, pregnancy, the position in which we work or directly or by genetic predisposition) are cause for heaviness and tingling in the legs and may even cause pain. It is a disorder that you should always consult, even if you do not feel the aesthetic pressure.

Get Rid of Varicose Veins Without Surgery

It is recommended to begin the intervention between October and May to avoid prolonged exposure  to the summer sun. After the intervention, a week of careful follow-up control by the health practitioner is recommended to guarantee to heal and attenuate inflammatory discomforts. Varicose vein interventions are ambulatory treatments and do not require rest or limit the patient for normal daily activity, except in vascular surgery that involves between 5 and 7 days of rest. This procedure is performed with high-tech equipment that uses laser and pulsed light, the light is absorbed by the hemoglobin (pigment in the blood) and is transformed into heat, which raises the temperature of blood enzymes to the clotting point, dissolving the vascular fat obstructions.

Retouching of scars pigment injection.

Some surgeries of breast augmentation or reduction may leave a white ring around the areola. But there are treatments. The “micro-pigmentation” for areolas achieves an optical effect that camouflages the whitish spots of the scar. It consists of injecting into the skin hypoallergenic and slightly soluble pigment particles of inert matter with iron oxide. You cannot sunbathe for the first fifteen days after the intervention.


SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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